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Thread: Miranda crashes when i click on historystats or visibility

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    Miranda crashes when i click on historystats or visibility

    If go to the option menu and click on either visibility or history stats miranda crashes completly and ends his task. as well if i click on the menu entry visibility.
    After i click one of these points i see their option page vor a very short moment but than miranda is gone. I use the newest versions. of miranda and history stats.
    Someone an idea?

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    First idea would be to install crashrpt.dll and post the crash report here, together with a VersionInfo report. If things would be too messy, a Dr.Watson report might become necessary.

    Make sure you use the very latest development (nightly) build of Miranda, first of all.

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    crashreport doesn´t say a word no entry in the file.

    Version info:

    CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+ [x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0]
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP [version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2]
    Installed RAM: 512 MBytes
    Free disk space on Miranda partition: 2620 MBytes
    Miranda path: C:\Programme\Miranda IM
    Miranda IM version: 0.5 alpha build #60 Unicode
    Build time: 20:38:47 on 09 July 2006
    Profile size: 7,731.72 KBytes
    Profile creation date: 05 Jan 2006 at 13:46:09
    Nightly: Yes
    Unicode core: Yes

    Active Plugins (45):
    atomic.dll v. [29 Mar 2002] - Atomic
    autoreplacer.dll v. [07 May 2006] - AutoReplacer
    changeinfo.dll v. [19 Aug 2005] - Change User Details
    clist_modern.dll v. [25 Jun 2006] - Modern Contact List (UNICODE)
    contacts.dll v. [13 Apr 2005] - Send/Receive Contacts+
    crashrpt.dll v. [19 Mar 2006] - Crash Report
    cryptopp.dll v. [28 Jun 2006] - Crypto++
    dbeditorpp.dll v. [09 Jul 2006] - Database Editor++
    dbx_3x.dll v. [25 Jun 2006] - Miranda database driver
    fingerprint.dll v. [08 Jul 2006] - Fingerprint
    FlashAvatars.dll v. [13 May 2006] - Flash avatars service
    folders.dll v. [17 May 2006] - Custom profile folders
    fontservice.dll v. [15 May 2006] - FontService
    help.dll v. [25 Jun 2006] - Help
    historypp.dll v. [07 Jul 2006] - History++ (2in1) alpha
    historystats.dll v. [10 Jul 2006] - HistoryStats (Unicode)
    historysweeper.dll v. [28 Mar 2004] - History Sweeper
    HTTPServer.dll v. [19 Jan 2006] - HTTPServer
    icolib.dll v. [14 Jun 2006] - Icons Library Manager (Unicode)
    ICQ.dll v. [09 Jul 2006] - IcqOscarJ Protocol
    icq2.dll v. [09 Jul 2006] - IcqOscarJ Protocol
    ieview.dll v. [07 Jun 2006] - IEView
    irc.dll v. [10 Jul 2006] - IRC Protocol
    irc2.dll v. [10 Jul 2006] - IRC Protocol
    irc3.dll v. [10 Jul 2006] - IRC Protocol
    linklist.dll v. [16 Jan 2006] - History Linklist
    loadavatars.dll v. [09 Jul 2006] - Avatar service (Unicode)
    menuex.dll v. [03 Jul 2006] - MenuItemEx
    msn.dll v. [09 Jul 2006] - MSN Protocol (Unicode)
    mtextcontrol.dll v. [08 Feb 2006] - Miranda Text Control [build #470]
    mToolTip.dll v. [21 May 2006] - mToolTip
    nudge.dll v. [26 Jun 2006] - Nudge
    png2dib.dll v. [08 Jul 2006] - PNG images processor
    PopUp.dll v. [08 Feb 2006] - PopUp Interoperability [RC2]
    rss.dll v. [07 May 2006] - RSSNews
    SecureIM.dll v. [30 Jun 2006] - SecureIM
    smileyaddw.dll v. [10 Jun 2006] - SmileyAdd Unicode
    StartupStatus.dll v. [14 Jun 2006] - StartupStatus
    tabsrmm.dll v. [09 Jul 2006] - tabSRMsgW (unicode)
    uinfoexw.dll v. [18 Jun 2006] - Extended UserInfo (UNICODE)
    updater.dll v. [30 Jun 2006] - Updater (Unicode)
    VersionInfo.dll v. [01 Jun 2006] - Version Information
    weather.dll v. [08 Apr 2006] - Weather Protocol
    whenwasit.dll v. [04 Jul 2006] - WhenWasIt birthday reminder
    yamn.dll v. [21 Jun 2006] - YAMN tweety

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    • Changeinfo.dll is not needed anymore, it's built into ICQ.dll
    • The DB driver dbx_3x.dll is an old version. What happened to the one from nightly #60? Put it back.
    • RSSNews is a bit outdated, there's a newer build available.

    Other than that, I don't see any major incompatibilities that I know of. Please test a few more times, maybe you'll manage to get a crash report.

    One thing you could do (if not already done) is use DBTool aggressively on the database, maybe it got corrupted somehow. You never know, with all those plug-ins.

    Then, you can try running miranda32.exe through Dependency Walker, make a list with all yellow-marked modules in the top-left list (if any), hit 'Profiling' and make it crash. Then post the list of missing modules (the yellow-marked ones, if any) and the last 15-20 lines from Dependency Walker's log, to see if there's any useful information there.

    A Dr.Watson's log would be the last resort, in case the above won't help.

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    The RSS plugin is the newest version i could find. If you know where to get a never version fine. The dbx_3x.dll is the one from the build #60

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    Sorry I tryed to get a log with drwatson but nothing inside the log. It doesn´t seem to crash but it closes itself instantly. Visual Studio doesn´t offer me to debug it as well. Miranda just closes itself.
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    Maybe you'll find the latest RSSNews here. I have from there (developer's page).

    About the DB driver, you're right: some of the plug-ins in the package have an older date. That mislead me.

    All you got left now is try Dependency Walker. But not much to find out, unless there's a missing dependency causing the silent crash.

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    yllow dlls is under mshtml msjava.dll
    historystats.dll has to dlls that are yellow libpng.dll and another libpng.dll
    popup.dll hass imgdecoder.dll even though it has a grey one as well in the list of imagedecoder.dll
    rss.dll has one yellow dll zblib1 but it also has a zblib1.dll in grey
    and pgpsdk.dll and pgp_sdk.dll is missing in main
    Thanks for all your help in advance

    This are the last messages

    DllMain(0x027C0000, DLL_PROCESS_DETACH, 0x00000000) in "ZLIB1.DLL" called.
    DllMain(0x027C0000, DLL_PROCESS_DETACH, 0x00000000) in "ZLIB1.DLL" returned 1 (0x1).
    Unloaded "ZLIB1.DLL" at address 0x027C0000.
    GetProcAddress(0x5B0F0000 [UXTHEME.DLL], "GetThemeInt") called from "COMCTL32.DLL" at address 0x773A4000 and returned 0x5B0F476A.
    LoadLibraryW("libpng13.dll") called from "HISTORYSTATS.DLL" at address 0x27310B67.
    LoadLibraryW("libpng13.dll") returned NULL. Error: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden (126).
    LoadLibraryW("Plugins\libpng13.dll") called from "HISTORYSTATS.DLL" at address 0x27310B75.
    LoadLibraryW("Plugins\libpng13.dll") returned NULL. Error: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden (126).
    Second chance exception 0xC00000FD (Stack Overflow) occurred in "CLIST_MODERN.DLL" at address 0x1210FB1A.
    Exited "MIRANDA32.EXE" (process 0xA64) with code -1073741571 (0xC00000FD).
    Entrypoint reached. All implicit modules have been loaded.

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    Well, it seems there are a few problems with your system. Some system libraries are missing. But I don't think you copied the names correctly.
    For example, I see History Stats needs libpng13.dll, while you said libpng.dll. Filenames are critical.

    Anyway, you can ignore imgdecoder.dll and zlib1.dll, as they've been found at another location.
    • msjava.dll might be needed by IEView themes. It's a system file. Get it from here.
    • pgpsdk.dll (and pgp_sdk.dll) are related to crypto++ plug-in. Should have come with the plug-in or at least an explanation in some readme.
    • libpng13.dll can be found here.

    You can either put the files in Miranda's main folder or better, in your system folder (Windows\System32). Whatever works for you.

    The last thing I see and probably the most important is a stack overflow in clist_modern. I'm not sure if adding the missing files would stop the crashing, as they don't seem to be related, but you have to try anyway.
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    • msjava.dll might be needed by IEView themes. It's a system file.
    This is Microsoft's JVM, and is outdated and unsupported. I've seen it before in Dependency Walker reports, but it's a non-fatal error. If Java is needed then installing the Sun JVM is probably the best choice.

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