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Thread: Sending to multiple contacts?

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    Sending to multiple contacts?

    Is there any way to enable ctrl + clicking multiple contacts and then sending a message to all of them, or maybe sending messages to an entire group? This would be useful, as we use Yahoo at work, and this is the only feature I'm really missing from the official Y!M client.

    Of if there's some little known plugin for doing this, please, enlighten me! :)

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    If you are using Scriver, the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER keyboard shortcut should send the message to all open tabs. And earlier topics will give you some other ideas. Here are a couple of links:


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    Sending messages per group.

    I send a lot of links to friends and I'd appreciate it if Miranda would allow me to send one message to multiple users via one message box, selecting the group to send the message to.

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    you can use TabSRMM or Scriver - there you cat select group when multisend is activated

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