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Thread: Skype Protocol Discussion

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    Skype Protocol Discussion

    Hi, I will continue skype dev until Leecher will have more free time ;)

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Bugs and Features request

    Please note
    - that skype program is needed and will be running when using the plugin.
    - You can make the skype program silent by using these settings or beta 3.2 settings
    - Here is also the options to set for the plugin to use portable skype.

    So here it is, for testing at the moment:

    Skype Plugin beta
    Skype Plugin Source SVN acces on berlios

    todo list
    - Better unicode support
    - History import
    - Group chat support
    - Support the tabsrmm group chat feature
    - ehance the contact search function (waiting for api)
    - Add user typing info (waiting for api)
    ! Get skype version (Api refused by dev)
    Code: - + Added option to enter user name and password. (Patch by NN) - + Support for new core service: get avatar caps
    	   + Option to show/hide default avatar for contacts
    	   + Hide Skype Avatar page in user details if >= #27 - + Voice service support in normall calls - no support for SkypeOut yet (pescuma)
    	   ! Made options dialog a little bit smaller, removed frame and set bold frame for popups (pescuma)
    	   + Add more status to manage for away message - ! Fix the load for pre 0.7.0 #17 build
    	   * Patch by pescuma for avatar. - ! Avoid empty message from myself on first message received.
    	   + Add the Get user avatar interface
    	   * Change the get user info thread
    	   * code cleanup
    	   + Support for miranda 0.8
    	   ! Correct use of folder plugin (using "avatar cache folder"\SKYPE). - ! When settings skype offline, first set proto off then contacts.
               * move the broadcast of status change out of if statement in status change.
               * Set contacts ofline on plugin load (avoid skype contact to be online if starts skype is not checked)
    	   ! Fix the use of datapath for portable skype
               * Allow to choose no splash - no tray  - minimized even if start skype with miranda is not checked.
               ! Fix bug with timestamp in irc - * Use unicode nick, status message, city and country in skype profile.
               ! Fix for sending status change when offline
    	   * Do not send message to skype if not attached (avoid trying to connect to api at startup)
               ! Fix crash on recieving message with groupchat checked. - + Try to identify if chat message comes from a group chat or not
               + Add a option to flag group chat message as read if not using chat.dll for group chat.
    	   ! Fix the check of message type (group chat or normal) - ! Fix for flags of event and metacontact (thanks SJE)
               * Next step to custom popup support (in popup option page)
               ! Fix infinite for error popup  - ! Improvemnt of the Action message support.
               ! Fix empty message on first chat with a contact. - + First step to Action Message support ( /me )
               + Updater support for File Listing.
    	   + First step to a custom popup for call notification. - + Add an option to enable/disable the timezone patch - ! Try to fix the bug (set skype offline when closing miranda) - * Improved portable skype integration - * Try to fix the start using custom command line
    	   + Close skype using custom command line too - + Add a way to use a custom command line to start skype. - ! patch from markcs about timezones.
               ! shutdown patch by sje - * Change options dialog (use tabsrmm uxtheme) - ! Wrong db entry name for cellular (cellucar)
               + Set mirver using is video capabale to identify skype 2.0 user - * Options page redesigned
               * Work around to force refresh of avatar in MyDetail (w8 the avatar change service)
    	   * Change Skype protocol to Skype in options->Network
    	   * Free buffer in status message retrieve
    	   * First step to a details info page. - FROM Leecher latest source.
               * Some minor bugfixes
               * Severe bugfix: Message sending routine worked incorrectly (no errors were shown even if there were sending-errors)
               * Removed PingPong - thread in favour of WM_TIMER
    	   * Fixed critical section unlocking in skypeapi.c. In certain cases, critical sections were not left correctly.
    	   * Fixed a bug that caused Miranda to crash on exit with Newstatusnotify plugin (thanks to TioDuke for reporting)
    	   * Hopefully fixed the nasty bug that caused Miranda to lockup on exit. - * Split service and options in two new cpp file.
               * Put the default attemps number to 10 - * Add avatar support for own user only (no api to get contacts avatar :( )
               * Add set status message.
               * Add Get status message for contact where viewing contact details
               * Change icons (thanks to Faith Healer)
               * Updater support (BETA ONLY)
               * DBeEditor known module support
               * Mods to avoid warning in VC++ 8
               * Implement the MyDetail requested services
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    Thank you very much! Will it ever be possible to show the avatar from other skype users? Can you improve the chat support?

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    Chat support improvement is in todo list.

    For other contact's avatar, sorry, no api to retrieve them. (not yet)

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    Berlin, Germany
    Nice to see this fine plugin still in dev :)
    One bug to report: One's own nickname doesn't appear in the message log, using tabsrmm with and without ieview. Any other nicks and protocols no problem. (VersionInfo)

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    February 2006
    i found another bug. in the status messages of the skype users which are in the contact list arenīt correctly displayed. There is some strange stuff like D_TEXT and something like that.

    CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ [x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 8]
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP [version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2]
    Installed RAM: 768 MBytes
    Free disk space on Miranda partition: 21666 MBytes
    Miranda IM version: 0.4.3 alpha build #52 Unicode
    Build time: 20:20:49 on 25 April 2006
    Profile size: 5,249.25 KBytes
    Profile creation date: 30 Jan 2006 at 00:36:18
    Nightly: Yes
    Unicode core: Yes

    Active Plugins (41):
    Aim.dll v. [09 Apr 2006] - AIM OSCAR Plugin - Beta 4
    clist_mw.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - MultiWindow Contact List Unicode
    contacts.dll v. [13 Apr 2005] - Send/Receive Contacts+
    CopyIP.dll v. [16 Feb 2002] - Copy IP
    dbeditorpp.dll v. [19 Sep 2005] - Database Editor++
    dbx_3x.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - Miranda database driver
    FlashAvatars.dll v. [13 Apr 2006] - Flash avatars service
    gmailm.dll v. [06 Apr 2006] - Gmail Multiple Notifier
    help.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - Help
    historypp.dll v. [11 Apr 2006] - History++ (2in1)
    historystats.dll v. [26 Mar 2006] - HistoryStats
    IcoLib.dll v. [04 Apr 2006] - Icons Library Manager (Unicode)
    ICQ.dll v. [24 Apr 2006] - IcqOscarJ BM Protocol
    ieview.dll v. [15 Apr 2006] - IEView
    import.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - Import contacts and messages
    KeepStatus.dll v. [23 Feb 2006] - KeepStatus
    linklist.dll v. [16 Jan 2006] - History Linklist
    loadavatars.dll v. [06 Apr 2006] - Avatar service (Unicode)
    MathModule.dll v. [31 May 2005] - Math Plugin
    mBirthday.dll v. [03 Apr 2006] - mBirthday
    mIpper.dll v. [28 Nov 2004] - Maniac Ipper
    mPopUpBtn.dll v. [17 Nov 2005] - mPopUpBtn
    mToolTip.dll v. [11 Feb 2006] - mToolTip
    NewAwaySys.dll v. [16 May 2005] - New Away System
    png2dib.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - PNG images processor
    PopUp.dll v. [02 Nov 2005] - PopUp Interoperability [RC1] [ansi/unicode - 2in1]
    seenplugin.dll v. [24 Apr 2006] - Last seen plugin mod
    SENDSS.DLL v. [27 Mar 2006] - Send Screenshot
    shlext.dll v. [02 Jul 2003] - Shell context menus for transfers
    Skype.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - Skype protocol
    smileyadd.dll v. [11 Apr 2006] - SmileyAdd
    StartupStatus.dll v. [26 Jul 2005] - StartupStatus
    StatusChange.dll v. [30 Jun 2005] - Contacts Status Notification
    tabsrmm.dll v. [25 Apr 2006] - tabSRMsgW (unicode)
    TopToolBar.dll v. [17 Sep 2005] - TopToolbar
    uinfoexw.dll v. [13 Apr 2006] - Extended UserInfo (UNICODE)
    updater.dll v. [21 Apr 2006] - Updater
    Variables.dll v. [21 Mar 2006] - Variables (Unicode)
    versioninfo.dll v. [23 Mar 2006] - Version Information
    Weather.dll v. [08 Apr 2006] - Weather Protocol
    WordLookUp.dll v. [10 Apr 2005] - WordLookUp Plugin

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    @ tweety

    Thanks again for continuing developing this plugin :)

    Now (because i cant keep quiet), some bugs...

    1. There is a bug(?) somewhere when setting status messages with accent chars. If i set the message 'Dialup é um lixo', Skype message is set to 'Dialup '.
    I'm using ASCII core (if this matters)

    2. The first time skype plugin connects to skype, miranda and skype start using a lot of CPU for a long time. Is this normal?

    3. One other happens sometimes when Skype is running but the plugin cant see it (and shows the skype not running popup). I happens rarelly, but sometimes do. Just happened when i set an avatar when the (2) above was happening. Skype proto changed to offline (skype app was online). When i tryed to set it to online again, the messagebox was shown.

    And a feature request Show errors on popup (and not messagebox)
    Last edited by pescuma; 26 Apr 2006 at 5:32 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pescuma
    And a feature request Show errors on popup (and not messagebox)
    If you are going to implement this one try to make it optional please. e.g. like ICQ does. there are still dozens of ppl not using popups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -pv-
    If you are going to implement this one try to make it optional please. e.g. like ICQ does. there are still dozens of ppl not using popups.
    Yes I will show error in popup if popup service is present otherwise I will show the message dialog box.

    Thanks all for feedback, I will look at your post when having time.

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    "Shut down Skype when you close Miranda" doesn't seem to work.
    When I exit Miranda, Skype works still.
    Can anyone confirm this?

    And one more thing about avator.
    After I set my avator, it doesn't display in TabSRMM with InfoPanel on.
    Is there any limit (such as size) about avator?

    And, would you add a feature to change my own nickname?
    Last edited by Nelson; 26 Apr 2006 at 9:33 AM.

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    New version, Leecher provides me his latest changes and I merged them.

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