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    Modern Contact List, CList Nicer+, tabSRMM and Scriver are available on the Download page and in the "Plugins Pack" aka "contrib" in Google code downloads. Please upgrade Miranda using the installer to keep these plugins always updated.

    Please be aware that some of the download links directly lead to test versions of the plugins. The latest stable releases are usually available from the Miranda Addons site.

    Plugin download links may occasionally stop working due to changes on the pages that offer the files. If you find any invalid links, please use the "Report post" button to let the moderators know.

    If a plugin is currently unavailable from the Addons, you might find a link on its author's website (if there is one) or in the respective discussion thread. Please check them also if the plugin on the Addons site has not been updated/added within a year or two, as it may be incompatible with the latest Miranda release and a newer version may be available elsewhere.

    If you are using Updater, please note that this does not guarantee that all your plugins are up-to-date. Some plugins (especially the old ones) do not support Updater, so it will not be able to detect their new versions. The same may apply to the plugins shipped with Miranda test builds. You will need to update them manually.

    Please make sure that you have updated all your plugins to their latest versions, as some of the older plugins are not compatible with current Miranda builds and may not load or cause the program to crash or malfunction. This is especially recommended in case of contact lists, message windows, and plugins labelled "for Miranda 0.8" in the lists below.

    All x64 links are for Miranda 0.9 64-bit releases only. They will not work with any other version.

    Database, Security and Privacy
    Message Dialogs, Messaging Enhancements, Chat Bots, Games
    Protocol Extensions, Scripts for mBot and MirPy
    Status and Events
    Developers' Homepages
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    Database, Security and Privacy

    BossKey+ (Billy_Bons) non-unicode unicode x64
    Crypto++ (baloo) download
    Database Editor++ aka DBEditor++ (JdGordon, Bio) discussion download
    Database Editor++ aka DBEditor++ v. (JdGordon, Bio) discussion and download (for Miranda 0.7+)
    dbRW Database Driver (SQLite) (rainwater) discussion download
    dbx mmap (Bio) discussion download
    dbx_tree (Protogenes) discussion and download (Unicode and x64 available)
    GnuPG Plugin (zvb) discussion download
    IM Crypter (Gevatter Gaul) discussion download
    Memory-Mapped Secured Database (persei) discussion download
    Memory-Mapped Secured Database (persei, Billy_Bons) download
    MIMLocker (messir) discussion download
    Miranda database - with AutoBackups (sje) discussion and download
    MirOTR encryption (progandy, CHEF-KOCH) non-unicode unicode x64
    Off-the-Record (OTR) encryption (sje) discussion download
    Remove Personal Settings (pescuma) discussion download
    Roamie (Virtuoso) discussion download
    Secure VirtDB (y_b) discussion and download (may work incorrectly with Miranda 0.8+)
    SecureDB + Autobackup (Deathaxe) discussion (not available from the Addons now)
    SecureIM (baloo) discussion download
    Spam Filter (HeikoH) discussion download
    Spam-o-tron (vu1tur) unicode x64
    StopSpam (romamik) discussion download
    StopSpam mod (sss) discussion and download
    StopSpam+ (romamik, Koshechka, persei) download x64 (TRUTHFUL)
    Synchronize Contact List (_Daniel) discussion download
    UTF-8 to ANSI database filter (Zlyden) download
    VirtDB (y_b) discussion and download
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    Avatar History (MattJ, pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    Avatar History 'ALA Style' Mod (MattJ/pescuma, souFrag) discussion and download
    Basic History (krzychu) discussion unicode and x64
    Find A Message [development stopped] (JdGordon) discussion download
    History Events (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    History Keeper (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    History Linklist Plus (Thomas, Gureedo) unicode and x64
    History Log (pescuma) discussion and download
    History Sweeper (Jazzy) download
    History Sweeper+ (Jazzy, borkra) non-unicode unicode x64
    History Sweeper Light (tico-tico) download
    History++ (oldoxygen/theMIROn) discussion download
    HistoryStats (SloMo) discussion non-unicode unicode
    IEView History Viewer (eblis) discussion download
    IM-History Client Suite [discontinued] (Telia) discussion download
    ImportTxt (Abyss) download (Russian forum) / (automatic translation to English)
    mContacts (bankrut) download
    Message Export mod (ring0) download
    NewStory [development stopped] (nullbie) discussion
    Nick History [deprecated] (pescuma) discussion download
    NoHistory (sje) discussion download / Addons
    QIP 2005 History import plugin (Ph0enix) download
    Recent Contacts (Kildor) download
    Status Message History [deprecated] (pescuma) discussion download
    TrillianImport aka Trillian ICQ import aka Trillian History Import (mousemates) discussion download
    Windows Live Messenger History Import (Very_Crazy_Dog) discussion download
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    AddContact+ (Dezeath) non-unicode unicode x64
    AddTTBB (Add TopToolBar Buttons) (slotwin) discussion and download
    AS Speaker (nsa666) discussion download
    AsSingleWindow (soar) download [video] (alpha version, requires tabSRMM)
    Authorization State (Thief) discussion download / Addons
    BClist (pescuma) for Miranda discussion download
    CList Nicer+ aka clist_nicer (Nightwish) discussion (plugin released with Miranda in "Plugins Pack" aka "contrib")
    clist_mw (bethoven) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda nightly builds)
    Contacts+ (Todor Totev, Joe @ Whale) discussion download
    ContactsMenuItemEx (jarvis) discussion download (not available from the Addons now)
    Contact's Rate (Kildor) download
    Favourite Contacts (nullbie) discussion non-unicode unicode
    Fingerprint Plus (FYR/Angeli-Ka) discussion download x64
    Fingerprint Mod (full) (Faith Healer) discussion download
    Fingerprint Mod+ (NiKoTiN) non-unicode unicode x64
    Fingerprint Mod+ (Mataes) unicode x64
    fltcontacts.zip aka Floating Contacts (jasho) discussion download
    Floating Contacts (jasho, Koshechka) download (Russian) (automatic translation to English)
    Ghostify (Fozi) discussion download
    IgnoreState (Kildor) download
    JustTabs (sje) discussion download
    Magnetic Windows (Protogenes) discussion download
    MenuItemEx (baloo, Billy_Bons) non-unicode unicode x64 (for Miranda 0.8+ only)
    Modern Contact List aka clist_modern (FYR) discussion unicode only (plugin released with Miranda in "Plugins Pack" aka "contrib")
    Msg2Speech (undwad) download
    mToolTip (bankrut) discussion download
    My Details (Pescuma) discussion download
    Quick Contacts (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    QuickSearch (aka Quick Search) Mod (Awkward) discussion unicode only
    Splash Screen (Thief) discussion download
    Tipper (sje) discussion download non-unicode (for users of Variables ANSI)
    Tipper Mod by Silicious Man (Silicious Man) discussion and download
    Tipper YM (yaho) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Tooltip Plus (nullbie) discussion and download
    Tooltipper (sje) discussion and download
    TopToolbar (bethoven, sje) download
    Undocker (biax) download
    UserInfoEx aka Extended UserInfo (Deathaxe & Kreol/Kildor/merlin) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Window Start Position (souFrag) discussion download
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    Message Dialogs, Messaging Enhancements, Chat Bots, Games

    Message Dialogs
    CactusSRAMM (Vampyre) discussion download (unicode ONLY)
    nConvers++ (donatas) discussion download
    Scriver discussion (Plugin released with Miranda on the Download page)
    tabSRMM (Nightwish) discussion (Plugin released with Miranda on the Download page)
    tabSRMM eternity mod for Miranda 0.7+ (jarvis) unicode
    TabSRMM MADmod for Miranda 0.7+ (DaniOk) discussion and download

    Messaging Enhancements
    AutoReplacer (Corsario) discussion download
    Buddy Pounce (JdGordon) discussion download
    ChangeKeyboardLayout (Yasnii) non-unicode unicode
    CyrTranslit (ValeraVi) download
    DataAsMessage & Whiteboard (Deathdemon) discussion and download
    Emoticons (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    EmoticonSound (ViRuSTriNiTy) discussion and download
    Fast Messages (TIMCAT) download
    G-19 Chat Plugin (Doberman) download
    GB to Big5 Converter (noname) discussion download
    IEView (the_leech) discussion unicode x64
    MetaContacts (sje) discussion download
    MetaContacts for Miranda 0.8+ (sje) discussion download
    MathModule++ (Protogenes) discussion download
    MirOUT [development stopped] (MirOUT) discussion download
    MsgTemplates (undwad) download
    Multiprotocol Contact Merge (Spin) discussion download (NOT for Miranda 0.8 or later)
    No HTML (sje) discussion download
    Photon (Virtuoso) discussion download
    Quick Messages (DaniOk) download
    Quick Replies (Unsane) download
    Replacer (sss) download
    Sessions Manager (DaniOk) download
    SmileyAdd (borkra) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Spearhead (Virtuoso) discussion download
    Spell Checker (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    Switch Layout (Tim) discussion download
    Switch Layout Light (tico-tico) download
    TranslitSwitcher (Mataes) unicode x64
    WATrack (Awkward) discussion download
    Watrack_MPD (sss) discussion and download

    Chat Bots
    Anna the Alicebot (punkt) download
    Simple Auto Replier (starkwong, MikelArdRi) download
    Smart Auto Replier aka SAR (Necrolatry) discussion unicode x64

    Backgammon4Net (packpaul) discussion download
    Chess4Net (packpaul) download
    Backgammon4Net (packpaul) discussion download
    KexX (Protogenes) discussion download
    OSCAR Fight (unandpw) download
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    AIM OSCAR (snaphat) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    AIM TOC2 [deprecated] (snaphat) discussion
    Exchange Rates aka Currency Exchange (Pluto) discussion download
    Facebook (jarvis) discussion download
    Facebook RM (jarvis, Robyer) discussion unicode x64
    Gadu-Gadu (ono, Dezeath) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    Game Observer (Apollon) download
    Game Query (jslawler, Dimaxa) discussion download
    Gmail Multiple Notifier aka GmailMNotifier (sunzhuo, EgotisticalElf, borkra) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Hotmail Notifier (Maato) discussion download
    IAX (sje) discussion download
    IAX (pescuma) discussion and download
    IcqOscarJ (Joe @ Whale) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    IcqOscarJ (Plus Mod) ([sin], sss/persei) discussion download
    ICQOscarJ BM Modification [development stopped] (Big Muscle) discussion
    Ip Messenger (mihua) download
    IRC proto mod (IRoN) discussion and download
    IRC protocol (Miranda team) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    ISee [development stopped] (Bio) discussion download / Addons
    Jabber (ghazan) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    Jabber Protocol (GMail) aka JGmail (ghazan, y_b) discussion non-unicode unicode (NOT for Miranda 0.8+)
    Jabber Protocol (GMail) aka JGmail for Miranda 0.8+ (ghazan, y_b) discussion and download
    Jingle (Jabber Google Talk/libjingle mod) [development stopped] (y_b, pescuma) discussion download
    Meebo (pescuma) discussion download
    MIMFetion (starkwong) discussion download
    MIMFetion2 (starkwong) download
    MirandaQQ2 (starkwong) discussion unicode
    mNetSend (PVOID) discussion download
    MRA protocol (rozhuk) download / (automatic translation to English)
    MSN (borkra) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    MySpace (sje) discussion download
    Omegle (Robyer) discussion and download
    Ping Protocol (sje) discussion download
    Quotes (Dioksin) discussion download
    RSSNews (Corsario) discussion download
    RVP (MS Exchange 2000) (the_leech) discussion and download
    Sametime IM Protocol (sje) discussion and download
    SIP (Rendezvous) (T0XIC) discussion download
    SIP RTC protocol (paul_sh/notrom) discussion download
    SIP protocol (pescuma) discussion and download
    Skype Protocol (tweety) discussion download
    Skype Protocol (tweety, jls17) discussion and download
    Skype to imo.im Gateway (leecher) discussion download
    Spinchat [development stopped?] (Tharo) discussion download
    Tlen (the_leech, wsx22) non-unicode unicode (for Miranda 0.8+ only)
    Twitter (dentist) discussion download (for Miranda 0.8+ only)
    Twitter with OAuth (dentist, omniwolf) discussion and download
    Vbuzzer Voice Plugin (softr) discussion and download
    VKontakte (LA_) discussion download
    VypressChat Protocol (razzmatazz, amp) discussion and download
    Weather Protocol (borkra) discussion download x64
    Webview (Bumper1) discussion download
    WinPopup Protocol (ryo-oh-ki) download
    Xfire (donkEE) discussion download
    Yahoo (Gena01) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    Yahoo! Mail Informer (Punisher) discussion download
    YAMN - Yet Another Mail Notifier (majvan, tweety) discussion download
    YAMN - Yet Another Mail Notifier (majvan, tweety, Merlin_de) discussion download
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    Protocol Extensions, Scripts for mBot and MirPy

    Protocol Extensions
    • IM2SMS (Tornado) discussion download
    • IRC servers (Matrix) download
    • Multiple Accounts Support (egodust) discussion (not available from the Addons now) (for Miranda 0.7.6 - 0.7.19 only )
    • ProtoLink (Jacek_FH) discussion download
    • SMS (NuKe007/RandallFlagg) discussion non-unicode unicode
    • SMS mod (rozhuk) download / (automatic translation to English)
    • SMSBox (loopik) (not available from the Addons now)
    • Web Detail (noname) discussion download
    • WebPager (Corsario) download
    • WebSMS (leecher) discussion download
    • Yahoo Groups (eblis) discussion download

    Scripts for Miranda Scripting Plugin (mBot)
    • i4i - Invisible for Invisible aka Invi4Invi (MPK) discussion download
    • ingamechat (MPK) discussion download
    • MBot/MSP Auto Set New Avatar (souFrag) discussion download
    • MBot/MSP Auto Set Nickname and Status Message (souFrag) discussion download
    • MBot/MSP Miranda IM Mobile (souFrag) discussion download
    • MSN Custom Nick Back Up / Restore (souFrag) discussion download
    • MSP Chatserver (sirion) discussion download
    • MSP Net Tools (toto) (not available from the Addons now)
    • No paste service (buggled) discussion and download
    • PassGen (Sha_Lun) (not available from the Addons now)
    • Screen Starter (MPK) discussion download
    • StatusCheck (forrest79) download
    • Web Miranda! for MBot (starkwong) discussion download
    • Webi - Miranda Mobile (MPK) discussion download
    • Winamp Announcer Script for MSP (D46MD) discussion download
    • WinAmp/Foobar to MSN/Yahoo! Status Message (JohnstonDJ) download

    Scripts for MirPy Scripting Plugin
    • Export Birthdays script (eblis) discussion download
    • IgnoreOnlineUsermenu (singalen) discussion download
    • Reset Display Name script (eblis) discussion download
    • VersionInfo Uploader script (eblis) discussion download
    • Yahoo Groups script (eblis) discussion download
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    Services (part 1)

    ActMan (Awkward) download
    Attache (sje) discussion download
    Avatar Service for Miranda 0.7.x (Nightwish/Pescuma) discussion (plugin shipped with Miranda)
    Bonsai (eblis) discussion download x64
    Capture [discontinued] (jipin) discussion and download
    CmdLineToDb (MaKaR) discussion download
    Command Line (eblis) discussion download x64
    ConnectionNotify (MaKaR) discussion and download
    Country Flags (HeikoH) discussion non-unicode unicode
    Crash Dumper (borkra) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Custom profile folders (eblis) discussion download x64
    CycleAvatars (pitris) discussion download
    Exchange notifier plugin (eblis) discussion download
    ExtendedSounds (cking aka GoingUnder) discussion and download (not available from the Addons now)
    Extra Icons Service (pescuma) discussion and download
    File Association Manager (HeikoH) discussion non-unicode unicode
    FlashAvatars aka Flash avatar service (Big Muscle) discussion download
    FortuneAwayMsg (TioDuke) download
    FTP File (cTn) download
    FTP File YM (yaho) download
    Hotkeys Plus (Lite) discussion Win9x version 2k/XP version
    Hotkeys Service (HANAX) discussion and download
    HTTPServer (Houdini) discussion download
    Imgdecoder.dll modified (kode54) discussion download mirror
    JSON Service (starkwong) discussion and download
    Language Pack Manager (HeikoH) discussion non-unicode unicode
    LogService (Deathdemon) discussion and download
    Meanwhile Library download
    MeBeam (ghazan) discussion non-unicode unicode (plugin not available from the Addons now)
    meSpeak (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    Miranda Scripting Plugin (mBot) aka MSP [development stopped] (piopawlu) discussion download
    MirandaComm2 (Hermes) discussion download
    MirandaG15 (Tharit) discussion non-unicode unicode
    MirFox (wsx22) discussion download
    MirPy Scripting Plugin (eblis) discussion download
    Last edited by Sami; 9 Dec 2011 at 6:22 PM. Reason: Added ConnectionNotify and JSON Service. Removed Crash Report for v0.6-

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    Services (part 2)

    NetConfig (MadMobile) discussion download (not available from the Addons now)
    Nudge (GouZ, tweety, FREAK_THEMIGHTY aka Wishmaster) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Paste It (krzychu) unicode x64
    Phantom [discontinued] (Virtuoso) discussion and download
    Popup Plus 2.1.x.x (nullbie) discussion download download
    Popup Plus 2.1.1.x (MPK, Merlin) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Register Miranda as known IM (bobafett) discussion (not available from the Addons now)
    ScriptC (egodust) discussion download
    Send Screenshot (chronon) discussion download
    Send Screenshot (chronon, ender080) discussion and download (not available from the Addons now)
    Services list (eblis) discussion download x64
    ShellFileSend (migel) discussion download
    shlext (egodust) discussion download
    Skins (pescuma) discussion and download
    SwitchNick aka Quick Nick Switch (Grulin) discussion download
    Traffic Counter (ghost_by, Mironych) discussion non-unicode unicode (for Miranda 0.8+ only)
    Translator (eblis) discussion download x64
    TriggerPlugin (UnregistereD) discussion and download
    Updater (sje, borkra) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    UseActions (BlackFox) download
    Variables (UnregistereD, pescuma, ghazan) discussion non-unicode unicode
    VariableDisplayName (MattJ) discussion download
    Version Information aka VersionInfo (eblis) discussion download / Addons x64
    VersionInfo Uploader (eblis) discussion download
    Voice Service (pescuma) discussion download (for Miranda 0.9 only)
    Wannabe OSD (andree) discussion download
    Wassup (Tornado) discussion
    WebCam Video (softcab) discussion download
    WebFile and chat server (mihua) discussion download
    XML Driver (ghazan) non-unicode unicode
    YAPP - Yet Another Popup Plugin (sje, borkra) discussion unicode x64
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    Status and Events

    Advanced Auto Away aka AAA (UnregistereD, ghazan) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    AutoShutdown (HeikoH) discussion non-unicode unicode
    Alarms (sje) discussion download
    Buddy Expectator+ (Thief) discussion download
    ClientChangeNotify (CCN) (Deathdemon) discussion and download
    Core SRAway (amp) discussion and download
    Contact List Popup Notifier (MagnusB (aka DelphiCoder)) discussion download
    Custom Status History List (HANAX) discussion download
    Custom Status List (jarvis) discussion download
    Display Control (Flexer) discussion non-unicode unicode
    ersatz (TioDuke, pescuma) discussion download
    EventScreenNotify (pitris) discussion download
    FDD Notify (TioDuke) discussion download
    Gamer Plugin (eXiTus) discussion download
    HDD Info (Lite) discussion download
    HMTrack (Hotmail tracker) (Fake51) discussion download
    Informer (antik) download
    KeepStatus (UnregistereD, ghazan) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    KeyboardNotify Ext (TioDuke) discussion download
    Last Seen Mod (y_b) discussion download NSN-compatible version
    ListeningTo (pescuma) discussion non-unicode unicode
    LotusNotify (MaKaR) discussion download
    Message Notify (sje) discussion download
    Messages Total Notify (Wombat) discussion unicode
    MirandaSnarl (MirandaSnarl) discussion and download
    mx610 mouse notify (aka MX610 mouse notification LED) (PASm) discussion download
    Monitor wakeup (dufte) download
    New Away System aka NewAwaySys (Deathdemon) discussion and download
    New Away System Mod (NightFox) download
    New "Notes & Reminders" (Joe @ Whale) discussion download
    NewEventNotify (vlko, Joe @ Whale) discussion download
    NewStatusNotify Unicode mod (BlackFox) discussion and download
    NickChangeNotify (noname) discussion non-unicode unicode
    NotifyAnything (KorneySan) download (KorneySan)
    Real-Reconnect (EreTIk) unicode and x64
    SelfStatusNotify (Std) download
    SimpleAway (Dezeath) discussion (Old Simple Status Message)
    Simple Status Message (Dezeath) discussion non-unicode unicode x64 (for Miranda 0.9 only)
    Skype Status Change (Dioksin) download
    Smart Auto Away aka SAA (y_b) discussion non-unicode unicode
    SOMWO - StatusOnMessageWindowOpen (download123) discussion download
    Sound Volume aka SndVol (Std, Nightwish) download
    StartupStatus (UnregistereD, ghazan) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    Status Message Retriever aka SMR (pescuma) discussion download
    Status statistics plugin (abkqz) discussion download
    StatusChange (Corsario) download
    StatusMessageChangeNotify (slotwin/pescuma) discussion download
    Tooltip notify (perf) discussion download
    Typing Notify (Bio) discussion download
    WhenWasIt birthday reminder (eblis) discussion non-unicode unicode x64
    WhoIsReadingMyStatusMsgNotify (Corsario) discussion download
    Wi2Geo GeoLocation Plug-in (deios) download
    WinampXStatus (pitris) discussion download
    XStatus Notify (Deathdemon) discussion download
    Zero Notifications (maat) download
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