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    Developers' Homepages

    Please be aware that some plugins on the webpages listed below may be outdated and/or in an alpha stage. The latest stable releases are available from the Miranda Addons site.

    • Angeli-Ka
      Fingerprint Plus
    • Awkward
      ActMan, mRadio mod, QuickSearch Mod, WATrack, ...
    • baloo [Downloads & Issue Tracker]
      Crypto++, SecureIM
    • bankrut
      mBirthday, mContacts, mPopUpBtn, mRadio, mSMS, mStatus, mToolTip, mTV, ...
    • BlackFox
      NewStatusNotify Unicode mod, UseActions
    • borkra [Downloads & Issue Tracker]
      Crash Dumper, History Sweeper+, SmileyAdd, Weather
    • Bumper1
    • Corsario
      AutoReplacer, AutoSaveMsg, EmailExpress, IMBBlogger, RSSNews, Shutdown, StatusChange, TweakUI, Webpager, WhoIsReadingMyStatusMsgNotify, WinampNotify
    • DaniOk
      Quick Messages, Session Manager, TabSRMM MADmod
    • Deathdemon
      ClientChangeNotify, DataAsMessage, LogService, NewAwaySystem, Whiteboard, XStatus Notify
    • Dezeath
      AddContact+, SimpleAutoAway, SimpleAway
    • eblis
      Bonsai, CmdLine, Custom profile folders, Exchange, IEView history viewer (aka IEHistory), Legacy Plugin Support, MirPy, ResOptDlg, ServicesList, Translator, Version Information aka VersionInfo, WhenWasIt birthday reminder, Yahoo Groups
    • Faith Healer [Latest Compilations/Archive]
      Various icons and plugin mods: DBTool, Faithpack, Fingerprint, LastSeen, ...
    • Flexer
      Display Control
    • FYR
      Modern Contact List (Unicode)
    • HeikoH
      AutoShutdown, Country Flags, File Association Manager, Help, Language Pack Manager
    • IRoN
      IRC proto mod
    • Isometric God
      BattleNET Messenger
    • jarvis
      ContactsMenuItemEx, Custom Status List, ICQ eternity/PlusPlus++ Mod, tabSRMM eternity Mod
    • Joe @ Whale
      Bridge, Contacts+, Extended Idle System, Icons Libary Manager, ICQOscarJ, NewEventNotify
    • Kildor
      Contact`s Rate, IgnoreState, Recent Contacts, UserInfoEx 0.8.x
    • Koshechka
      Floating Contacts, StopSpam +
    • Kreol
      UserInfoEx 0.8.x, Miranda-Planet admin
    • leecher
      Skype (overtaken by tweety), WebSMS
    • Lite
      HDD Info, Hotkeys Plus
    • Maato
      Hotmail Notifier
    • MaKaR
      CmdLineToDb, Lotus Notify
    • Merlin_de [Downloads & Issue Tracker]
      YAMN, UserInfoEx 0.8.x
    • Messier
      MirandaFS (contact history as filesystem)
    • Mironych
      Traffic Counter
    • Nightwish [Downloads & Issue Tracker] [Forum]
      CList Nicer+, Sound Volume (aka SndVol) Mod, TabSRMM
    • nullbie
      Favourite Contacts, Popup Plus, Tooltip Plus
    • packpaul
      Backgammon4Net, Chess4Net
    • persei
      ICQ Plus Mod, Memory-Mapped Secured Database
    • pescuma [Downloads & Issue Tracker]
      Avatar History, BClist, Emoticons, History Events, History Keeper, Jingle, ListeningTo, Meebo, meSpeak, My Details, Nick History, Quick Contacts, Remove Personal Settings, Spell Checker, Status Message History, Status Message Retriever, Voice Service
    • pitris
      CycleAvatars, EventScreenNotify, WinampXStatus
    • Pluto [Downloads & Issue Tracker]
      Currency Exchange
    • Protogenes
      dbx_tree, KexX, Magnetic Windows, MathModule++
    • sje
      Alarms, Attache, FontService, IAX, JustTabs, Last Contact, Message Notify, MetaContacts, MySpace, NoHistory, NoHTML, OTR (Off-the-Record encryption), Ping, Sametime, Tipper, Updater, World Time, XFrames, YAPP
    • SloMo
      HistoryStats, Valorize
    • softcab
      WebCam Video
    • souFrag
      Avatar History 'ALA Style' Mod, MBot/MSP scripts, Window Start Position, ...
    • starkwong [Wiki & Issue Tracker]
      MirandaQQ, MirandaQQ2
    • Telia
      IM-History Client Suite
    • Tharit
    • the_leech
      IEView, newGenerationNotify; also Nudge, Skype, YAMN (hosted for tweety) and SimpleAway (hosted for Harven)
    • theMIROn [Wiki & Issue Tracker]
    • Thief
      Authorization State, Buddy Expectator+, Show Contact Gender, Splash Screen
    • Thomas
      History Linklist
    • UnregistereD [Issue Tracker]
      Alias, Advanced Auto Away (overtaken), KeepStatus (overtaken), StartupStatus (overtaken), TriggerPlugin, Var-Toys, Variables (overtaken), WebAware, ...
    • Vampyre
    • Virtuoso
      Hyphen, Photon, Roamie, Spearhead
    • y_b
      JGmail, LastSeen mod, SecureDB, Smart Auto Away, VirtDB, ...
    • yaho (see the "Pluginy" category for the original releases of other authors' plugins)
      Various icons/skins and plugin mods: AwaySystemEx YM, CList Nicer+ YM, FTP File YM, NewXstatusNotify YM, Tipper YM, XStatus Notify YM, ...
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