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Thread: switch proxy settings

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    switch proxy settings


    i am using miranda for a long time now. in my university and my private network i use different options to connect to the networks, as my university requires a VPN connection and a proxy.

    everything works fine with icq protocoll. but what i want to know is, wheater there is a very simpe option to activate or deactivate the proxy in miranda? it drives me crazy reconfiguring it all the time... like in Opera Webbrowser, i just hit F12 and klick "activate proxy"

    another thing is: is there a way to deactivate certain protocolls while i am in university? like when i activate the proxy settings, that AIM and MSN will be dactivated, and only ICQ is activated?

    how could i setup profiles, that would still store alle new ICQ messages to the same DB as the ones i receive hat home?


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    Bump, because I have the same problem: how can I quickly turn off / on the proxy settings before Miranda tries to connect? I use my laptop at my workplace (Options/Network/All connections/Use proxy server: ON) and at home (Options/Network/All connections/Use proxy server: OFF). Is there a way or a plugin?

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    maybe there are a global proxy on/off setting in db?

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    No, it needs a Miranda restart to make the change effective. The setting is not dynamic.

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    I had same problem, so I made few day ago plugin that fixed my problem and I'm satisfy. You can set (with few entries in profile database) which of plugins have to be loaded, and network parameters for protocols. Unfortunately miranda restart is required.

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    This should help

    If you don't require "on-the-fly" method, you should find interesting following: http://forums.miranda-im.org/showthr...t=proxy+switch

    I tested it on my Home/Working setup (without and with proxy) and it works nice.

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    Check out the Netconfig plugin...

    I also use a proxy. You create a profile for how you want your proxy network connection settings to be and also one without (for home and work). This plugin automatically detects the when you are connected to work/home and will choose the appropriate network profile.

    Works very well for me and a great plugin!
    Check it out here:

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