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Thread: Avatar support

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    Avatar support

    In which protocols avatars are supported? And what about other contacts infornmation retrieved throung those protocols?
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    ICQJ: Avatars, Infos: IP, some Userinfos, version, some time infos (Idle, online since,...),Homepage, user defined notes (both sides), XStatus

    IRC: No Avatar,Infos: Hostmask,channels where the user is present,Ping time, version,local time, additonal Userinfos

    Jabber:Avatar, some Userinfos

    MSN: Avatars, some Userinfos, special MSN features like MSN combatible mobile device

    RSS: Picture

    Yahoo: Avatar, some Userinfos

    Others ? Are not used from me or i am not sure.


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    this sticky topic should be up to date, if anyone has anything to add to it let me know

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