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    GOIM Support - Xfire replacement

    Gamer's Own Instant Messenger is an open-source project based on the Jabber protocol, thus the messaging itself is quite uninteresting. Nevertheless there are some unique features that closely resemble those of Xfire

    Gamer-specific Features

    * Finished
    o Broadcasting when a game server is joined / Displaying Game Icon + Launching game to connect to server
    + Supported Games (if you want a further game added please post in the 'Feature Requests' section):

    # Americas Army - http://www.americasarmy.com/
    # Unreal Tournament 2004 - http://www.unrealtournament.com/
    # Live For Speed (S2) - http://www.liveforspeed.net/
    # TeamSpeak2 - http://www.goteamspeak.com/
    # Battlefield 2 - http://battlefield2.ea.com/
    # Soldat (Since GOIM 1.0.1) http://www.soldat.pl/

    * Planned

    o In-Game Messenger for DirectX games
    o AutoDetect installed games
    o Game Statistics of Kills/Deaths in games like BF2 and AA
    o Mod handling
    o Server Browser
    o Showing detailed information about servers. (Currently only IP:Port and Server Name is displayed)
    As sources are available and compatible with the Jabber protocol it should be fairly easy to implement. I bet many a user'd prefer this solution over Xfire that is somewhat unlikely to ever be implemented.

    Source: http://goim.sphene.net
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    kahless Guest
    i'm the developer of GOIM and if anyone who knows how to program Miranda plugins is interested in cooperating to create support for the GOIM extension to the jabber protocol (actually .. currently just 1 tag in the presence packet) i would be pleased to see how i can help ... (the detection of when you connect to a game server is programed in C++ .. i guess it could be quite easily ported to be used in miranda... altough programed _really_ dirty .. since i have not much clue about winsock api & co)

    i've also seen that quite a few wrote in this forum they want support for XFire ..
    together with the developer of gfire (GAIM xfire plugin) i've developed a xfire library located at http://xfirelib.sphene.net and .. based on it .. a xfire gateway .. which is a gateway between jabber and xfire .. which also supports the GOIM extensions ..

    ie. using the xfirelib you could easily make a xfire plugin .. or .. simply using the jabber + xfire gateway .. (just supporting jabber would already mean xfire support .. but of course without detecting launching of games / seeing other people playing)

    Herbert Poul

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    Bump for support!

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    so whats going on with this

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