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Thread: Customization Forum Rules and Resources

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    Customization Forum Rules and Resources

    This forum is not for you to show off your setup. It is to get help with the various skinning options in Miranda.

    Obviously if you have a problem with a theme or skin that can't be fixed without a screenshot then you can post one.. but ONLY POST THE MIRANDA WINDOW, NOT YOUR ENTIRE DESKTOP, and use e.g. ImageShack to host the image if you dont have anywhere to host it. Please use a thumbnail link or a direct link to your image.

    Also, note.. if you post a screenshot of your setup expect people to ask how its done.. reported posts because of this will be deleted.

    And if you are having any issues, please remember to provide your current versioninfo.

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    Guides, Tutorials and Other Resources

    For information and guidelines on how to customize Miranda, please refer to the following Wiki articles:

    We also have threads about skinning here on the forums.

    Themes, skins, sounds, smileys, icons, etc. are available from the Addons site: File Listing > Customise.

    IMPORTANT: It is recommended to make a backup copy of the profile/database (profile_name.dat file) before installing any skins.

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