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Thread: AIM Protocol Discussion

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    I've done some testing and found that channel 1 messages are actually limited to 3987 bytes rather than 2544. Pidgin still uses 2544, but I guess it's changed since they've implemented it. Miranda might go over that limit though since html_encode() is wrapping the outgoing message in <HTML> tags (which adds extra bytes). Just something to consider.


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    Someone knows about changes in the AIM service?

    I got one spam messages in one month in the past, maybe,
    but since 2 or 3 days I get:
    "im me to chat im me on babygirlul3 ","A/S/L ?","...." each 1-2 hours.
    I not changed anything here, e.g. publish the AIM adress on Facebook ;), that can't be the reason.


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    Is there any way to make the AIM Blast chats work more like they do in actual AIM? Like, I hate how it doesn't separate everyone by their own names and lists it like the blast room is just one person. I also hate that in the same thing it doesn't let you use the nicknames you set for people in there it only uses their usernames. It just makes it really hard to tell who is saying what.

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    I do not use Blast chat could you please create a screenshot on what you are asking to do.

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    What I mean is in the blast chat you have multiple friends chatting at once. So in the actual AIM client, when someone talks it shows their username (or if you've given them a nickname, like I use all my friends real names) it will show that for every message they send like this: Bill: Hello.
    but in Miranda, it won't show the nickname I give them and it shows up like this: [Chatroom Name] (username) Hello. there is no distinction between people is what i'm getting at. You can't see their font colors if they have custom ones, every post shows up with the [Chatroom Name] first then their name as part of the message. I just don't like not being able to just have their name and seeing their distinct font/font colors it makes it hard to distinguish who's speaking at a glance.

    A good way to think of it is I think Miranda treats the Blast Chat as one person instead of a group chat even though everyone still shows up in it.

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    Any updates on this?

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    fair enough whenever you got time.. thanks.

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