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Thread: How to delete my forums account?

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    How to delete my forums account?

    Hi everyone,

    since I'm off using Miranda IM, how can I remove my account?

    Thanks in advance,

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    (deleted dup)
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    I am not sure how you can remove your account from this site.

    However, I recommend that you change your account password, for multiple reasons.

    I have been reviewing my old accounts and various places and have seen that most sites migrated to HTTPS. However there is one kind of web sites that stay on HTTP: web forum discussions.

    Firefox 51 now warns "This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised." - See Insecure password warning in Firefox for more info. Chrome puts "Not secure" warning in the address bar if an HTTP web site has a password field in the form.

    In case of a forum database compromise, if the passwords were encrypted one-way, simple passwords are cracked very quickly, but complex passwords are hard to impossible to recover. Length and complexity protects your password against recovery from one-way encrypted form by brute force.

    If a web site is storing user passwords in plain text or using reversible encryption, you better have a unique password, so that in case database is stolen, your password is not used against your other accounts. If I see that a web site e-mails me back my password, I mark it "plain text offender" in my password manager.

    So, my recommendation to you: put a unique complex password using letters in different case, numbers and punctuation. Put it in your password manager. 40-character passwords work on this site.
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    Thanks for the lengthy post, but a) I already changed it to some random bull**** password and b) long before Mozilla's action I already opted for far more security by taking several actions - which I won't disclose for obvious reasons.

    Anyway: @ mods: either delete my account or get lost. Miranda had its time, but since your development stalled and you don't proof you want to change that, I'm out of here.

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    I want to delete my forums account

    How can I remove my account? I'm off using Miranda IM

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    I want to delete mine too! The administrator never answers.

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    Please consider removing my account from the forums.

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