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Thread: My Yahoo account has been deleted...

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    donotbugme Guest

    My Yahoo account has been deleted...

    A few days ago I logged in Yahoo messenger via Miranda (as usual) and I received an automated message from a user which name I cannot exactly recall (hahanha_something) saying something like: "Your account has been reported for abuse. Your account will be deleted in 24 hours, etc etc"
    Since then, I can no longer sign in to Yahoo via Miranda nor in other Yahoo services via web, which is very frustrating since I'm an admin of a yahoogroup and I cannot manage it anymore.
    Obvioulsy, I don't know what abuse I'm accused of.
    I got in touch with Yahoo and all the details I provided to them seem not enough and they even want me to send my details (photo ID included!!??) via regular mail or fax, which is something that I'm not willing to do because it implies a cost on my part...

    Could this be related to using Miranda IM as IM client?
    Did anybody else receive this kind of message?

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    Are you sure you visited the correct yahoo page and not a spoofed one ?
    Try visiting the secure site (https) and see if anything changes.

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    See my post regarding spoofing on Yahoo. Maybe we could help each-other. ;-)

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    donotbugme Guest
    I tried https and same results. Definately not spoofed...

    The signin page was different from the ones you post (i guess it's the "usual" one), but I would say it's just Yahoo trying new designs, and with really bad taste as well...

    Anyway, I've been providing them with the info they request 3 times so far:
    When you submit the problem from the web, you provide the requested details once... then you get an automated response providing some silly advice and guidelines and if you do not succeed, then you have to reply to that message with -again- your details and even more details... But they'll do nothing about those details again: they just ignore them and they send you another mail saying that you have to provide *even more* details (including a Photo ID!!??) and *fax* them or send them via snail mail to California!!! WTF? I don't want to waste money on a free service!! why do they want me to fax them a Photo ID when they don't have anything to compare against it and it can be so easily faked?
    Anyway, I just sent them the details I could provide by e-mail (no photo ID of course) and told them that if that was not enough, I would just pack my things out of Yahoo rightaway...
    Next reply was again "you need to fax or send by regular mail blah blah blah"... so I'm not gonna try anymore. This is very frustrating...
    And the best is that they didn't answer the question I was asking in my e-mail:
    so far I haven't been told why my account has been deleted
    or what kind of abuse whatsoever I'm supposed to have committed, which
    is very frustrating.
    If using a chat client other that Yahoo! Messenger (e.g. Miranda IM) is
    considered to be an abuse, please tell me and I'll stop using it (and
    stop using the Yahoo messenger services at all)
    If checking my Yahoo webmail account via a HTTP-POP3 proxy (e.g.
    FreePOPs) is considered to be an abuse, please tell me and I'll stop checking the account via that method.
    I'm sorry this post turned from a question to a rant, but I had to share my experience with these people, and now i feel better (well, not really!)
    Conclusion? I'll stay away from Yahoo and probably I'll move my mailing list to the competition (i.e. Google)

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    I know, their services are not the best in the world, but -hey- it's a free service... ;-)
    Besides, I'm 99.9% certain that it wasn't Yahoo to block/delete/whatever your account, but some prick that cracked your account.
    Or it could be that indeed Yahoo deleted it, following some (hopefully) faked reports of abuse sent to them by some enemy(es) of yours (or friends trying to make a "good" joke).
    Anyway, there's NO WAY Yahoo would have sent you an IM notification, from an account called "[email protected]". Just imagine that...

    Now, did you try to login with your account, from another IP? Maybe it was your IP that was blocked from accessing the services. It happened to me a while ago, when a drunk MF from our LAN used some "tool" that probably flooded the Yahoo servers and blocked Yahoo access for our external IP for about half a day.

    Now here's a funny fact: upon uploading those screenshots, ImageShack must've blocked my account, as I can't access any of the ImageShack services anymore. And if this is done by external IP, it means none of our LAN users will ever be able to use ImageShack anymore.
    They must've considered those screenshots as some kind of advertising or something.
    Bah! This is absolutely stupid! I'm trying to get some informations and possibly prevent other people from something illegal happening to them, and here's my reward: a blocked account. This world is really ****ed up...
    OK, I think we're getting way out of line here. Sorry for the off-topic.

    Anyone has any idea how a Yahoo account can be revived? (And an ImageShack one, too, for that matter?)

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