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Thread: Miranda Client not starting (correctly) under Windows 10

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    Miranda Client not starting (correctly) under Windows 10

    I have a portable installation of Miranda IM (currently v0.10.51-unicode). The client runs fine under Windows 7 (x64). However, the same installation does not boot correctly anymore under Windows 10 (x64) for some reason. It happened without changing anything in the installation itself. Ever since I tried to update it to the newest version and disable any non-standard plugins (by removing them from the Plugins folder), I also ran the dbtool.exe over my profile's database, however it's still not working properly.

    When the client starts, the icon appears in the system tray and the client does seem to connect to all networks. The tooltip of the system tray icon will say "connected" for each of the configured networks. However, the context menu (on the system tray icon) will not work, nor will the client's window ever pop up. In the task manager I can see, that miranda32.exe is causing constant CPU load.

    Do you guys have any tips on how to debug this further and get this portable installation to run again under Windows 10?

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    Bro tip: Switch to Miranda NG. Miranda IM is dead.

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    I see, didn't know of Miranda NG yet :).

    I got it to work eventually btw. I noticed at first, that Miranda would not freeze, if I didn't try to open the window. So the context menu of the system tray was still working and I was able to access the options, where I played around with the window settings, and now it works again.

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