Hey :-)

after using Miranda very intensively when ICQ was not "murdered" by facebook i haven used MirandaIM the last few years.

Now i'm starting to use XMPP on our own personal servers with my colleagues. On our Android phones we use "Conversations" which is really a nice client and it is - at least for us - a better alternative to WhatsApp & Co.

On Desktop (linux + wine) i now revived Miranda in the latest stable version. Connecting to my self hosted Jabber server works without any issues.

Now the question:

When we share pictures within a conversation 1to1 chat or MUC it will be directly shown by the client.

When i send a picture from Conversation to Miranda it will just send the HTTP_Upload url and i have to open the URL in the browser which breaks the usability.

http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0363.html is used in this case.

Basically what i wish for Miranda is shown in this pic here:
http://conversations.im/images/scree..._selection.jpg (see the inline auto downloaded image)

As the addon page seems to be unavailable and i can not find a posting here which seems relating, i'd like toask whether this can be accomplished by plugin or whether someone wants to implement XEP363?

Thanks :-)