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    Code Dev. contribution


    I don't know if this is the right forum section.
    I'm planning to give my help about Miranda code dev. but I don't know if you need
    another developer and what are the usual paths a developer needs to do in order to help Miranda coding.
    I have already read your development section (bug tracker, subversion and so on)
    but I have a few more questions.

    Do you need help?

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    Hi. The commit list reflects the current situation very well. Help is welcome. It would be best to contact rainwater on that (email works best, I think).

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    You can definitely try contributing to Miranda IM, but most of the development has moved to Miranda NG. (Rainwater is still here though.)

    Miranda NG development looks 100 times more active


    That's the power of open-source development - as long as there is interest, the development will continue in one form or another.

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