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Thread: Problem connecting to Yahoo Messenger server

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    strongbad6565 Guest

    Problem connecting to Yahoo Messenger server

    For some reason, I can't connect to the Yahoo server using Miranda-IM. In Miranda's Options menu, on the Yahoo screen, here's how I have everything set:

    ID: [my Yahoo screen name]
    Password: [my Yahoo password - and yes, I'm sure it's correct]

    Login server: scs.msg.yahoo.com Port: 5050
    [ ] Disable UTF8 encoding
    [ ] Disable main menu (needs restart)
    [ ] Use Yahoo Address Book (YAB)
    [checked] Show errors
    [ ] Show Avatars

    ([ ] means an unchecked box.)

    When I try to change my Yahoo status to Online, a balloon message pops up from the Miranda-IM system tray icon. It says:

    Yahoo Error
    server connection error Connection closed by server

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks for your time.


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    arg0 Guest
    Same happens to me.
    I'm using Miranda 0.4 (Built Apr 7 2005 12:43:57)
    Is this a general problem or does someone manage to connect?

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    Same thing

    Yeah, I have the same problem, for a week already. Can anyone help? Have anyone found out how to cope with it. PLease, help

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    April 2005
    Try upgrading to the latest build ( works for me) and see if that helps.

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    ta-bas-co Guest
    Don't know if it helps:
    A simple solution, the user namer for hotmail includes ...@hotmail.com for yahoo it DOESN'T need to be included (so no ...@yahoo.com)
    This helped me connecting to yahoo at scs.msg.yahoo.com:5050


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    Cincinnati, OH
    a network log would give major clues on to why you cannot connect

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    How do I configure my firewall/proxy server?

    If you are experiencing a problem because you are connecting through a firewall or proxy server, you will need to configure your firewall or proxy server. The following information should assist with your configuration:

    Basic Connection:

    Protocol: TCP or HTTP


    * scs.msg.yahoo.com
    * scsa.msg.yahoo.com
    * scsb.msg.yahoo.com
    * scsc.msg.yahoo.com

    Port: 20,23,25,80,119,5050,8001,8002

    Webcam Connection:

    Protocol: TCP

    Server: webcam.yahoo.com

    Port: 5100

    File Transfer Connection:

    Protocol: HTTP

    Server: filetransfer.msg.yahoo.com

    Port: 80

    File Sharing Connection:

    Protocol: HTTP

    Port: 80

    Voice Chat Connection:

    Protocol: UDP or TCP


    * v1.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v2.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v3.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v4.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v5.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v6.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v7.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v8.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v9.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v10.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v11.vc.scd.yahoo.com
    * v13.vc.sc5.yahoo.com
    * vc1.vip.scd.yahoo.com

    Ports: 5000-5010

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