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Thread: Ignore DOES NOT WORK

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    Ignore DOES NOT WORK

    For weeks now i've been deleting the same three a$$holes popping up as spam on my list many times per day...

    version is 0.9.48 the absolute latest

    "unknown contacts" is set to ignore absolutely everything, the same way it has been set for 1 year plus

    the a$$holes in question are popping up in YIM specifically, i havent noticed the behavior in AIM (the only other messenger i use)

    I dont understand why it is so hard to just have ignore actually... you know, ignore? Either something is being spoofed and Miranda isn't catching it, or there should be some forcible way to REALLY ignore something that is set to ignore. If I don't have a contact that I have manually added to my list, it should not keep popping up the same spam messages from them all day, every day. :(

    I'm ready to delete the YIM side since it's becoming unusable to me.

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    AFAIK the Ignore feature was originally made for ICQ so I'm not sure it's working fine with all protocols.

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