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Thread: modernb bug & tabsrmm feature

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    modernb bug & tabsrmm feature

    I'm not sure, if here's the right place to post the message. If it's not, please move it to the right one.

    First part of the message is a bugfix:
    The modern contact list plugin (clist_modern) does not handle the per account options combo box in a right way (Options->Contact List->Status Bar->Set options per account, with "Show expert options" check box set).

    The second part is a feature (I'm just tired to replace the tabsrmm plugin with my corrected version every time miranda is updated):
    I'd like to make tabsrmm show the remote client version right on the infopannel of the message window (without need to wait on a popup with this information).

    Both fixes are located within the corresponding source files from the attached archive. Code modifications are marked with comments /** BEGIN New code **/, /** END New code **/, /** BEGIN Old code **/, /** END Old code **/.

    Kind regards
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    Could someone explain me, why at least the bugfix wasn't incorporated within the last release?

    Kind regards

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    l.inc: Well, I waited for applying mine patch for clist_modern maybe 2 years and now it still isn't incorporated :))
    Ask borkra. I remember something like there is no clist_modern maintainer and he have many other things to do...

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    Oh, I thought, even if new features were not actively added anymore, the bugs were still being fixed (as it can be inferred from the appearance of newer releases).

    Thank you for the response.
    Quote Originally Posted by Robyer View Post
    Ask borkra.
    Well... I doubt borkra didn't see my post. He'd answer, if he wanted to.

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    It might be better to place it on the bug tracker:


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