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Thread: IRC - Freenode channel needs to "identify to nickserv" - How?

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    IRC - Freenode channel needs to "identify to nickserv" - How?

    Hi Guys,

    I have the Blendercoders Room / Channel setup on Freenode. However whenever I am in the room I cannot post a comment / chat. This is because Blendercoders only allows registered nicks to chat.


    One needs to use /msg nickserv identify <account> <password>

    I can open the room and manually add /msg nickserv identify <password> - this works, BUT I am wondering can I set this up in options somewhere so it automatically registers / identifys?

    I think it goes in options/advanced - Perform section. From there I am stumped. Perform on what event and what do I add?

    Does one need to / Can one add things to the Alias section?


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