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Thread: MSN unstable, status not changing, msgs not recieving/crashing

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    MSN unstable, status not changing, msgs not recieving/crashing

    hi there,

    long time user, haven't had any problems in ages. The past number of days my MIM, particularly one MSN account has become unusable due to instability. MIM 0.9.47. Windows 2000.

    It's hard to describe the problem, and I can't force duplicate, it just seems to happen.
    Start MIM up, MSN connects, contact list loads then when status changes etc....seems to freeze up (status change icon bar not changing) and then shortly after I Cannot receive messages! but I appear online. I just realized this now and am alarmed at not recieving messages. Then MIM becomes unstable to the point where have to force-kill the app and restart.

    Suspected a corrupt database, so ran dbtool but didn't help.
    Running same MSN account on different machine seems to work, so I dunno. I really don't want to recreate my profile file though. Many years of setup/data in there.

    Here is a network log, didn't seem to even log the whole session until the error happened, but maybe it has something useful you can see.


    Suggestions/ideas appreciated!

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    sorry, been awhile since had to post a support thread. Version Info:

    CPU: GenuineIntel [x86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 3]
    Installed RAM: 512 MBytes
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 [version: 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4]
    Shell: Explorer.exe, Internet Explorer 6.0.2800
    Administrator privileges: Yes
    OS Languages: (UI | Locale (User/System)) : English/English | English/English
    Free disk space on Miranda partition: 305 MBytes
    Miranda path: E:\cbl2005\Miranda
    Miranda IM version: 0.9.47 Unicode
    Build time: 00:19:24 on 20 March 2012
    Profile path: E:\cbl2005\Miranda\Profiles
    Profile size: <error 2 at FileOpen>E:\cbl2005\Miranda\Profiles\CBLChris.dat
    Profile creation date: <error 2 at FileOpen>E:\cbl2005\Miranda\Profiles\CBLChris.dat
    Language pack: No language pack installed
    Nightly: No
    Unicode core: Yes

    Active Plugins (19):
    advaimg.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Miranda Image services
    Aim.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - AIM Protocol |Unicode aware|
    avs.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Avatar service (Unicode)
    Chat.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Chat |Unicode aware|
    clist_modern.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Modern Contact List '09 |Unicode aware|
    dbeditorpp.dll v. [05 Aug 2006] - Database Editor++
    dbx_mmap.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Miranda mmap database driver |Unicode aware|
    GG.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Gadu-Gadu Protocol
    ICQ.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - IcqOscarJ Protocol |Unicode aware|
    import.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Import contacts and messages |Unicode aware|
    IRC.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - IRC protocol |Unicode aware|
    jabber.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Jabber Protocol |Unicode aware|
    msn.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - MSN Protocol |Unicode aware|
    mToolTip.dll v. [13 May 2007] - mToolTip
    scriver.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Scriver (Unicode)
    svc_vi.dll v. [14 Apr 2008] - Version Information |Unicode aware|
    var_toys.dll v. [25 Feb 2007] - Variables Toys
    Variables.dll v. [17 Jun 2010] - Variables (Unicode)
    Yahoo.dll v. [20 Mar 2012] - Yahoo Protocol |Unicode aware|

    Unloadable Plugins (3):
    changeinfo.dll v. [23 Jun 2005] - Change User Details
    Plugin does not have an UUID and will not work with Miranda 0.8.

    loadavatars.dll v. [01 Aug 2006] - Avatar service (Unicode)
    Plugin does not have an UUID and will not work with Miranda 0.8.

    msg_export.dll v. [07 May 2005] - Message export
    Plugin does not have an UUID and will not work with Miranda 0.8.

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    I see only problem with avatar storage, and it does not cause any hanging... To fix it go to Windows Live website and delete (not change - delete) avatar from your profile. After that login into Miranda and manually set it. Although you tried to set avatar that many times that you exceeded some kind of monthly quota, so you might have to wait for the next once until set will work, might not.

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    avatar setting? interesting, cause I have for many years now had it being auto updated from a webcam capture every few minutes. (worked great) So some sort of 'monthly limit' would be news to me. I will halt using that now

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    The problem is not only that. Your online avatar storage is broken, you need to fix it by performing procedure above. (A lot of people have this issue)

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