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Thread: Help view jid

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    Help view jid

    Hi, i'm new here but i'm using miranda for a year now i think..

    I'm using miranda to enter a popular chat service here in the philippines . (www.uzzap.com)

    It's jabber based.

    I just wanted to ask if there's any way to view the jids(jabber id) of the participant in a room ?

    I do not want to cause any harm to this server but all i want is to view the jids of the participants in a room.

    Participants in the room displays "nicknames" instead of jids.

    changing the role from role='participant' to role='moderator' isn't allowed.

    I'm willing to provide you access id incase you need one for a test.

    So i guess someone can help me out here. Thanks !

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    I do not know about, uzzap, but not all chatrooms allow to see it. Can any other program see it?

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