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    Last message information

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently looking for a plugin, which shows me, when I talked to whom in a clearly represented way. Maybe something like this:

    Person A: 3 days ago
    Person B: 9 months ago
    Person C: 3 weeks ago

    Do you know any plugin which could enable this feature? If it would be able to set "notify options" for every contact, it would be even greater! Like:

    Person A: Inform me, when last message was 1 week ago.
    Person B: Inform me, when last message was 6 months ago.
    Person C: Inform me, when last message was 1 month ago.

    Cheers :)

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    Use LastSeen Plugin

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    AL|EN: I don't think that will handle "last MESSAGE", does it?
    I would recommend "Tipper YM" which can shows that (first request), but I dont know about that informing...

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    Hey guys,

    thanks for your replies! I already use the LastSeen plugin, but I also don't think that it is able to show the last message. I'll test Tipper YM later- showing the last message time would be a fine first step. Thanks for your tip, Robyer! :)

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