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    Status message


    At the start I have to mention my English isn't pro, so it may be the cause of my problem.

    Well, I am trying to see others status messages, but I can't. I can see them at the contact lists and in the chat window with a certain person. Is the feature off, or it just doesn't exist?

    Thanks for any pieces of advice.

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    WEhere are you trying to see them and are you having issue only with one person?

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    I dont know if its issue or not. I just cant see it anywhere. There are no status messages :|

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    Ah that. There are few ways you can see them. You can right click on the contact and select Read "status" message. You can install Tipper plugin (and I recommend you do that in any case) and see them when hover mouse over the contact. If you want to see them on the contact list you need to use nicer or modern contact list. If you want to see them in the message window you need to use Scriver or TabSARMM messaging plugins.

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    I assume I can find the plugin on the forums?

    For me, as a new user. This is awesome prog, but I miss the status thing. I might try the plugin and maybe become a perm user. Thanks, thread ready to be closed, or even to be deleted.

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    Tipper is on addons page. The rest are in Extra plugin Pack on Download page. To enable/select proper plugin use Options | Plugins.

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    Okay, It's too hard for me. I give up. Maybe someday I'll be back.

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