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    CHEF-KOCH, being a Chinese, I must tell you it is not the case. In China most people uses Tencent QQ which is a proprietary protocol, other messengers that some people uses are also proprietary. The only Jabber compatible application is Google Talk, however due to the fact that China government blocks Google services, only very few people uses that.

    In Hong Kong, most people uses MSN or Whatsapp/Line, only few uses Google Talk, and no other Jabber public services.

    In Taiwan, it should be still MSN or Yahoo Messenger.

    Don't think that Jabber is popular worldwide.

    And from my attitude, why prevent porting of Miranda to other platform with similar API and still have a large user base? It is certainly not a waste of time.

    I must say that I also hate Windows 8 a lot for the touch-only-friendly interface.

    Giving money for bug fix or development of particular plugin are only projects of individuals, not on behalf of the Miranda IM team, it does not make Miranda IM commercial, so don't treat it like the commercial IM products.
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    I think that such porting (while useless for me per se) is useful since it has a chance of increasing the "cross-platformability" of the code.
    It would be nice if someone would be able to separate the UI from the core and from the system-level code (for Miranda and standard plugins).

    The most useful from my point of view would be to port Miranda to .Net.
    .Net/Mono is available on Windows (including Windows CE and Windows RT!), Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS Vita and even on the "raw" OS-less micro-controllers. Quite a list, isn't it?

    What's interesting is that the translation can be gradual. .Net can easily consume the C exports and there are ways to create the exports too (there were POC plugins for Miranda in .Net).

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    Agreed for the portability on other platforms but with .NET, "Smaller, Faster, Easier" disappear completely (I admit that 'easier' has never been the strongest point in Miranda :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pepinlebref View Post
    Agreed for the portability on other platforms but with .NET, "Smaller, Faster, Easier" disappear completely (I admit that 'easier' has never been the strongest point in Miranda :P)
    I definitely think that Miranda WILL be smaller. .Net apps are commonly a lot smaller than C++ apps.
    I don't see how Miranda won't be easier. I think that going .Net will make it much easier to develop plugings and UI features. Not crashing the app is added for free.
    As for faster, I think that IM is not an app that can be slow (if coded properly, of course).

    One important piece of .Net cross-platform support is the support for Windows RT which we'll see on cheaper ARM tablets. This will be the only way Miranda can get there.

    I see Miranda as mature and "stable" for the last 5 years or more.
    I know that rewriting anything is the biggest mistake, but stagnation too is a common problem of once very popular apps. The main problems with porting Miranda anywhere is the (unnecessary) coupling between the core logic, system access (reading files, sending packets) and UI. If these aspects are decoupled by careful refactoring, Miranda can be adapted formore systems, supporting C++ (even Windows RT supports it).

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