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Thread: Planed port for Windows CE 6.0

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    Planed port for Windows CE 6.0

    Hi all,

    I am planning to do a port of Miranda to Windows CE 6.0
    To avoid possible confusion i'm talking about this operating system: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembe...evelopers.aspx
    this is not and has nothing to do with Windows Mobile or Windows Phone.

    This operating system is often found on super cheap Chinese netbooks. They typically include a version of pocket internet explorer (which is not very useful) a MSN client and a simple word processor. Support for IM networks other than MSN is non existent. I was given one of these machines and I use it as a car netbook that lives in the glove box, the appeal is precisely because the machines are so undesirable nobody would steal them.

    They do IM and email very well and that's what I use it for, but there's a lack of clients. So what does a hacker do when they want software for something unsupported? That's right look for open source stuff they could port. I chose Miranda IM because it's a native Win32 app, not some linux thing that's been ported which will make the porting process easier. Linux to Windows ports are all well and good, but they tend to be poorly done and rely on bug-for-bug behavior of a certain version of Windows

    I'm writing this mostly to gauge if anyone else is interested in a Win CE 6.0 version of Miranda IM. I'm not requesting assistance as such. Until 6 months ago I used to write Windows device drivers for a living to give a rough guide as to my level of software development experience.

    I have no plans to support versions of CE prior to version 6.0, the reason being that 6.0 finally introduced the same 2Gb user / 2Gb kernel memory split which is present by default on x86 versions of windows. The 32Mb slot based allocation model and 32 process total limitations have been removed.

    If anyone is interested just reply to the message saying you are interested (once per user please!) and if there are a fair few interested, I will make my CE port publicly available (with source of course!)


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    I'm not really interested, but I want to give one point of consideration for you.
    Miranda is an open-source software, and as such, is welcoming any and all contributions.
    Talk to borkra and see if you can get write access to the Miranda repository to store your work.
    If anything, it'd make your life a tad bit easier.

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    Discussion on merits of CE port moved here: http://forums.miranda-im.org/showthr...nda-discussion
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