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Thread: Request and bounty for fixing two bugs concerning Scriver

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    Request and bounty for fixing two bugs concerning Scriver

    Iím using Miranda for a long time and being quite happy with it, there are still some details annoying me. The details are not only a matter of taste or decisions but (in my eyes) real bugs. That is because I donít see the reason and the logic for the behaviour.
    To be specific, the bugs are #928 and #930 in Google Code. Despite the age of the reports they are still ongoing in Scriver from December 21st 2011. If somebody need additional information I can provide it.
    These bugs are concerning the group chat part of Scriver, which has once been forked and integrated from the original chat.dll. The behaviour of Scriver is different from chat.dll, which underpins my assumption of being buggy.

    I hereby offer a bounty of 60$ (or 45Ä) for anyone who fixes both bugs and provides the source code or a patch.
    Last edited by RCf; 5 Mar 2012 at 10:27 PM. Reason: mentionend bug #1537 has already been fixed

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