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    Hi everyone
    I have another silly question. In my module i receive text from my server with utf8 coding. But when i put this text in my window i see symbol for each byte. How i can make this a "real" utf8 text ?
    i found this example but its looks too "havy"

    char buf[10240];
    TCHAR tbuf[10240];
    make_unicode_string_static(translateUtfStatic(MYTEXT, buf, SIZEOF(buf)), tbuf, SIZEOF(buf))
    Thank you

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    What do you mean by real utf?
    To display text in a window, you need to convert to utf16 (TCHAR), and then show.
    To decode utf8 call mir_utf8decodeT and do not forget to call mir_getUTFI in the Load.
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    thank you borka
    that is exactly what i need

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