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Thread: calling mir_alloc cause a crash

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    calling mir_alloc cause a crash

    Hello ee
    This is maybe stupid newby question but when i try to use mir_alloc in my module it brings me crash
    memory could not be read.
    Do i missed to include something ?

    Thank you in advance

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    Most likely cause: You did not initialize the interface.

    struct MM_INTERFACE mmi;     // (this must be a global)
    And then somewhere very early in your plugin initialization (typically in your Load() function)

    mir_getMMI(&mmi);          // (this populates mmi with the function pointers so you can use the memory allocation api.
    mir_alloc() is just a macro that calls mmi.mmi_malloc() and if mmi is not initialized, you get a crash of course.
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    in latest compilation i got NIL as result of mir_alloc very often. long time ago it was fine. code didn't changed. So, i needed to return to compiler memory manager, not miranda.

    PS. i filled intrface structure and repeat - some time ago all worked fine
    PPS. of course, maybe it my fault finally...

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    Thank you Nightwish !
    Its work my problem were that i didnt include this:


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