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Thread: TabSRMM support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightwish View Post
    Not possible. A unfocused window is considered inactive and because there is no (easy) way to determine whether a window is covered by another window or not there is also no (easy) way to implement such a feature. A window that is set to be sticky (on top) could still be covered by another window with the same "on top" status.

    So, if it's unfocused it's also inactive and you get the tray notification.
    I see. But this option for opened windows (regardless whether they are covered by "even more on top" windows or not (i.e. simply assuming the message windows are on top)) would be great. I think srmm handled it that way.

    Thank you,


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    By chance I realized today that the latest development build got mixed up a little regaring the tabsrmm icons. In the previous builds from the 0.9.* line the tabsrmm_icons.dll used to be in the contribute archive where the plugin dll itself is. But for version 0.10.0 I found that the icons are in the main miranda-im-v0.10.0-unicode.7z whereas the plugin is as always in the contribute archive. Can this be fixed before the next beta release? It's no big deal but it's just inconvenient.

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    Tabsrmm doesn't show properly its window with Aero Peek. When I move cursor on the Aero Peek minipreview, tabsrmm doesn't show the list of users in IRC plugin.

    It can't show with any combination of plugins and program.


    On the tabsrmm page I found that tabsrmm 3 supports Aero Peek, but I see that it doesn't.

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