hi there.

moved to Miranda NG couple of days ago because i finally wanted a facebook chat plugin. i was using Miranda IM almost 10 years and was never really happy. i'm quite happy with NG so far..

the facebook plugin is really nice. i love the "download of old messages from facebook" thing. just like the facebook messenger on your smartphone.

however, there are some things that need to be finished in order to have a more complete plugin and an user experience comparable to the fb messenger on a smartphone.

problems with emoticons and stickers:

right now i am receiving some emoticons as weird characters and i cant see stickers (like the facebook thumbs-up sticker) - i am stuck with Miranda and dont know what my chat partner sent me and I have to connect to the website or look on my smartphone to understand what smileys or stickers he sent to understand the conversation.

the problem is caused by emoticons that are not "original" facebook emoticons which you can find on the website. and of course stickers (i couldnt get "show stickers as custom smileys" to work at all).

basically, if you use a smartphone (i.e. an iphone) and use its emoji keyboard you will have access to hundreds of emoticons. on smartphones, they became more or less of standard. whatsapp, fb, viber etc. they are all able to read each others smileys (emoji keyboard).

so if you send some smileys with your fb messenger on your iphone, the fb website is able to show pretty much all of them, even the ones which are not "facebook default smileys", but the Miranda plugin can't show any of these :(

i have tried many smiley packs from various sources, even some i converted from pidgin. but its not so easy. I couldnt get it to work.

there is "whatsapp" smiley packages, they include quite alot, but i dont know how to map them with SmileyAdd...

maybe somebody could please create a complete smiley pack for that.

and how do you get stickers to work? only with IEView?

thank you!