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Thread: Plugin licensing

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    Plugin licensing


    There are several plug-ins for miranda which aren't compliant with GPL v2. One notable example is RSSNews by corsario, but there are others, like Sametime protocol and others. How is this situation possible? No way miranda developers are unaware of this, so what is the attitude towards such plugins and their autors? Is it permitted to release non-GPL plugins for miranda?

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    Please read the license file:

    NOTE: This copyright does *not* cover dynamically linked plugin libraries
    that link to Miranda - this is merely considered normal use of the
    programme, and does *not* fall under the heading of "derived work".
    Also note that the GPL below is copyrighted by the Free Software
    Foundation, but the instance of code that it refers to (Miranda IM)
    is copyrighted by me and others who actually wrote it.

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    Although, to be fare. No none GPL plugin have long life in Miranda, they all or released under GPL or die and being replaced with GPL variant. So even though we "allow" it, I would not recommend going this route.

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