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Thread: change account name/delete account

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    change account name/delete account

    Hey, is it possible for my account name to be changed? If so, I'd like to see it changed to zKsPOWERHOUSE :P

    If not, I'd like to see it removed please, since I'm not really using it anymore anyway ^^'


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    Moderators, please consider that this may be spam

    I'm a mod on another board and the same post and user appeared on that site with the same request and the same few posts


    though I do note that the user had actual activity here on miranda back in 2008, so maybe it's the same user and just going through old accounts

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    Thanks. I believe it's the latter option. Posts look valid. :)
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    wow, that's new, being thought a spambot :D no, it's me, an actual person, I'm going through old accounts idd :) I actually spent days on it already, lol. over the course of the last idno 9 years online ive used so many email accounts lol, it's hell going through so many emails and registrations :-) cant wait till im all done, thatll be such lovely peace of mind :D

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