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Thread: Twitter with OAuth Discussion v0.0.9.7

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    Miranda NG don't have black high contrast, no theme classic, I use magnififer with MS Mouse/Keyboard verison without Aero, that Miranda NG are no showup menu that Magnifier on Miranda NG's menu are empty but Miranda-IM is fine, I need twitter

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    Miranda NG uses clist_modern and tabsrmm by default. If you want classic Miranda IM plugins, remove: scriver and tabsrmm and all clist_* and you'll get old known style.

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    Sorry, Robyer, but Miranda-NG interface does not feel solid. I've tried hard to remove and delete everything, but it still stretch and shift in different places. That one weird look, common for any skinnable program. Disgusting.

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    miranda ng interface same as miranda im. there is no changes

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    Thank you much, i can read it with classic color

    but I don't know how use twitter on Miranda NG

    you see link


    you see "Not logged in. Log in with Twitter"

    how use Miranda NG with it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mataes View Post
    miranda ng interface same as miranda im. there is no changes
    If it was the case, I would have no issues switching over.

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    rhr: I don't know how is that link related with Twitter plugin in Miranda. That website just uses Twitter login do allow posting in that forum (if I understood it correctly). You can't use Twitter plugin in Miranda like that.

    But if you have questions related to Miranda NG, you should ask in Jabber conference (link is on NG website).

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    Why in my contact list only are 2 contacts and other don't appear? Or that plugin already doesn't work properly?
    Now 3rd contact appeared in list. But whny i choose "reply" from tht contact menu i can't send tweet cause after @ there are only messy symbols instead of letters
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