This forum is for dicussions about the new addon site that will replace sometimes the actual one. Please feel free to comment and rate any threads or add new ones. New threads will be moderated in this forum!!

I already begin coding the new site but at the moment it is only on a very early state, so nothing to see ;)

If there are skilled guys that wants to help us/me, write an email to tjado [at] miranda-im {dot} org
Please don't forget to send also some information about your past projects (best: code examples).

Some infos:
  • PHP
  • RDBMS is not finaly choosen but trend goes to mysql because our other subsites also using it.
  • ERM is nearly finished (depends on further features...)
  • lighty
  • private repository is on git
  • we/I have/had a lot of ideas ;)
  • new ideas welcome (add them as a new thread or contact me directly)