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Thread: Facebook Icons

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    Facebook Icons

    so using 0.8.14's Jabber method I got my Facebook account working just fine..the icons on the other hand are another story..

    I downloaded icons from both links:



    Then when I go to:

    Options - Customize - Icons - Jabber - Accounts - Facebook

    I select facebook..Hit Load Icon Set..& select any of the proto_facebook.dll..facebook.dll etc..nothing happens ;-/

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    Use import not load icon set.

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    Thanks! ;-) I got it working with Import

    Now if I could jack my own thread to ask another totally unrelated but still Facebook related question..

    With this Jabber Facebook how do I set Facebook statuses? or has that aspect yet to be implemented..

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    I don't think you can, if you want to do statuses and see wall you'll need to do Jarvis' Plugin Jabber/Facebook is Chat only

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    Tell you the truth I don't give a damn about my wall..just updating status..but I can do that from my blackberry too..thanks to you both for the help ;-)

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