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Thread: How to log in for Yahoo Japan Messenger?

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    Dynax Guest

    How to log in for Yahoo Japan Messenger?

    Hi there,

    I'm using Miranda with the standard Yahoo Protocol, but I wanna use it as Yahoo.co.jp Messenger, not for Yahoo.com (both has its own network.. so if I wanna talk to yahoo.co.jp Users, I have to make a yahoo.co.jp Account and using the japanese Version of the Messenger).

    So anyway, I have an japanese Yahoo account for now, but how can I use it in miranda? Do I need a new specific IM-protocol for yahoo.co.jp or is there just something to change in the server settings? I tried to set the "Log in server to scs.msg.yahoo.co.jp" but that's not useful.
    I really hope there's some way to use yahoo.co.jp accounts on miradan, because the original japanese yahoo messenger isnt working on western windows-pc's.

    Thanks for your help :)
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    a0me Guest
    Just in case anyone had the same issue, Yahoo! Japan website provides the following information:

    ** Webcam connection

    Protocol: TCP

    Port: 5100

    ** Voice chat connection

    Protocol: UDP or TCP

    Ports: 5000-5001

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