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Thread: Remove dead old contacts

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    Hi, I guess everyone has this issue with time - people lose their UINs, nicks and other... They start a new ones and finaly I end up with dozen of contacts for each of them, some other people just give a try to any IM and then you have their contact they never use again - my contact list is about 12 years old... Has hundreds of contacts...
    Is there a plugin that would let me remove the contats that haven't been active for the last year? Of move em to some other group where I can lightheartedly look through and remove the ones I am sure I don't need anymore?

    Would be great to be able to shoot all of 'em a message and then if they do not respond for a week, automatically kill em all...
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    You could try:
    This plugin log/store the last online time from an user.

    With this plugin you can search for contacts:
    Quicksearch MOD
    You can add sortable columns to the output.

    If you add the column from the Lastseen plugin to the Quicksearch table, you can sort out old contacts. QuickSearch support multiselect and you can delete contacts.
    (Not all protocols allow the complete deletion from contacts)


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    Or you can use view modes in clist_modern (or nicer) and set View all contacts with last message is <> x days old

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