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Thread: Do Not Request These Things

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    Do Not Request These Things

    Here is a list of items you should not request as they have been requested already.

    If there are more requests that keep getting repeated, post them here.
    Last edited by Sami; 30 Sep 2011 at 11:03 AM. Reason: Cleaening out a few more things that aren't requested frequently

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    If any information posted above is outdated or needs correcting, please list the required changes here and a moderator/admin will update the post accordingly.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Getting CList Nicer+ is a headache. The situation is likely to change after stable 0.8.
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    O dear what a long list of things not to request! Must be careful. Will give it a read now.

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    oh .. we must be on careful because there are lot of things that not be on request..

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    We shouldn't request those things because they are being worked on or because they will never be added? Can someone clarify this?

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    Hotkey to mute and un-mute sounds.

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