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Thread: Yahoo Protocol Discussion

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    Yahoo Protocol Discussion

    I am reviving an old yahoo thread for yahoo status and comments.

    Yahoo nightly almost always has the latest and greatest stuff. In some ways the nightly code is more stable than the released version.

    The stuff in CVS as of now should be rather stable. I have cleaned up the Load() code which was causing crashes for some people.

    Grab a nightly and please let me know if you still experience any crashes or problems with yahoo. My general policy is making sure i fix most of the bugs before I add new features/code.

    Thank you,


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    I'm using the May 5th Nightly build and I'm satisfied. I use it very little, haven't checked if avatars work in it if they're supposed to (there is an option to show them anyway) but file transfers do work, and I never get errors, crashes, or disconnects that I've noticed.

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    Yahoo Chat Rooms...

    The Yahoo! plugin for Miranda works really well and the avatar support is kinda neat :)

    My only problem is that I like to pop into the Yahoo! chat rooms on occasion and the plugin doesn't seem to support these...

    When will we be getting chat room support ???

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    Gena: Is there any chance to add DFYX's mods on Yahoo plugin so that Yahoo custom messages and Miranda status messages work together?

    Thank you very much. The plugin is getting better every day. TioDuke.

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    Oh, I forgot to send my Code to Gena...

    int SetStatusMessage(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
             return 1;
           else if(wParam == ID_STATUS_ONLINE)
             yahoo_set_status(YAHOO_CUSTOM_STATUS, (char*)lParam, 0);
             yahoo_set_status(YAHOO_CUSTOM_STATUS, (char*)lParam, 1);
           return 0;
    Just add this as service PS_SETAWAYMSG and add PF1_MODEMSGSEND to GetCaps. Works great now (Fixed some bugs)

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    Hi! I saw a GamerStatus was added! Where can I find it?? Have I to activate it?? I have RC1 but I can't find it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elex
    Hi! I saw a GamerStatus was added! Where can I find it?? Have I to activate it?? I have RC1 but I can't find it!!
    It is done automatically when you connect to a game room at games.yahoo.com. If it doesn't work automatically you need to enable it through gaming prefs in the java applet.

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    hansbaer Guest

    Problems with Yahoo Plugin


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to report a bug.

    Since I have updated Miranda to version 0.4 the Yahoo Plugin has connection problems. An update to version of the plugin hasn't changed anything.

    My computer is connected to the internet through an university network. Connections using port 80 are not allowed to force everybody to use the http proxy.

    When I connect to Yahoo, everything goes well at first. But after a minute or so a tray message pops up that the connection "us.f3.yahoofs.com:80" failed. The Yahoo icon turns dark again. Receiving of messages is still possible after that and online users are shown, but messages I send won't be received, although they are shown as if everything has gone well.

    Sometimes the connection remains stable for a longer time, but in most cases not. The problem seems to happen more often when I chat with somebody.

    I tried to avoid it by forbidding Port 80 in the connection settings, but that doesn't affect the situation. I thought about using the proxy - but the proxy is limited to the typical http ports (80,443,...)

    With earlier versions of the Yahoo Plugin (the beta versions with Miranda 0.3) all worked quite well.

    Maybe you have a solution.



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    chat room support

    Gena...any insight as of when do you think you can add support for chat? I have to switch between Miranda and Trillian because of this only reason. I'd gladly give up Trillian altogether :)

    Thanks for the great work and improvements!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipse
    I'd gladly give up Trillian altogether :)
    Have you tried YahElite? It doesn't use much mem.. and you can use Miranda at the same time (if you just use yahelite for chat).

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