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Thread: new voice chat plugin in dev / looking for coders

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    new voice chat plugin in dev / looking for coders


    some months ago i discovered "mirandaComm" which was supposed to be a voice chat plugin for miranda. unfortunately it was not maintained anymore and kind of broken.
    so i contacted the original developer and received the permission to maintain it.

    well, i rewrote / cleaned up most of the code and was quite close to a version which could be released. unfortunately there was ONE severe bug left which prevented it from working. as the final exams in school started at that time i was unable to fix it and sorta forgot mirandaComm for the next few months.
    but now i'm finished with school and have 6 months of vacation so i really want to finish this plugin because
    - voice chat is getting more and more popular
    - voice chat via instant messaging would be a good idea nice but
    - skype erm...duh...sucks!
    - thus it would be really nice to have a working voice chat plugin for miranda

    anyways, one or two people more working on mirandacomm would really help me so i'm looking for more progammers.

    - ability to write decent c++ code and use MSDN
    - quite some years of experience with programming :)
    - if there are too many people applying i will prefer the ones who are able to fix "the one bug" which is left :D
    - integration into SRMM would also be a good idea, if someone knows how to do that
    - just FYI: im german so german coders might be even more interested but of course i dont mind speaking english and my code is written/commented in english anyway.

    so if you are interested, just write something about yourself here and maybe give me your icq uin.

    EDIT: here are the sources, i have not cleaned up yet so they're really a mess...well just if you wanna take a look: mirandacomm_sources_2005-05-16.rar

    EDIT: the last severe bug is fixed! there will be an initial release soon.
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    Well, tell us, what IS "the one bug"? I don't think, I can help myself, because I've never worked with sound input in C++, but maybe someone else has got an idea.

    Btw. I'm German, too. My ICQ UIN is 202278278, so if you contact me and maybe show me your code, I COULD hava an idea.

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    well, its a really weird bug and kinda difficult to explain.
    and i cant really remember the details right now, but it should be like that or the other way around:

    the client seems to record packets faster than the other end can play them.
    results in a large packet queue, packet loss, really weird sound and finally disconnection.
    i've even done some time measurement / logging and the playback just takes too long or so. kinda weird because the way waveOut works this should not be possible.

    note that i have tested this with local loopback and without audio compression so this is not related to strange internet connection or speex problems.
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    it seems like i was able to fix the bug.

    i will release a beta version soon then.

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    any chance of this working with an msn client?

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    Quote Originally Posted by korsairr
    any chance of this working with an msn client?
    it will work over any miranda protocol but it will (yet) not be compatible with any other client than miranda.

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    keller-delirium Guest
    taking a look at the code at the moment :)

    btw: Im german too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by keller-delirium
    taking a look at the code at the moment :)
    i just uploaded a new version, you might want to look at that one.

    line 292 in audio.cpp fixed the bug described in this thread. was very easy actually.
    but there is still some weird issue with audio lag.

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    Just out of interest, will his plugin support group voice chat like Teamspeak?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peetabix77
    Just out of interest, will his plugin support group voice chat like Teamspeak?
    yes this is definitely planned.

    the first release will not support it. but the code is designed in a way which should make implementing this really easy.
    my roadmap is like:
    1. release a basic version which just _works_.
    2. as soon as this is stable, add interesting features like multiuser support.

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