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Thread: Multiple Recipients?

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    Multiple Recipients?

    I was using a version of this software that was a couple years old. It is being used ONLY for Jabber.
    In that version, there was an icon in a chat window that you could click to bring up the other users and add them so you could send a message to as many people at once as you'd like. I don't seem to have that icon in the newest version and since the Wiki is offline, I wasn't sure where else to look for help.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You're probably referring to tabSRMM's multisend feature. Please check your version of tabSRMM and download a compatible one in case the old one is not recognized. There are links in the Plugin discussions thread.

    Please note that the said feature is still buggy.

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    i don't think that's it

    Maybe I'm missing something, but back in version 0.4.something, you could send to multiple Jabber people just by clicking on a box/icon at the top of the screen you were typing in and 'tick' the box next to all the names you wanted to send to....

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    Welcome to the boards :)

    That feature was removed around 3 years ago and right now using tabSRMM instead of the default SRMM plugin does seem to be the best solution. You can find more information in the earlier threads, e.g.:


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    Scriver also allows sending same message to all open tabs, using the CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER hotkey.

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    Thank you


    thanks for the info. I can't believe that it had been so long ago and they took out such a great feature. I'm sure glad that you answered... i'm reading the two posts you suggested now!

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