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Xfire Protocol Discussion
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Thread: Xfire Protocol Discussion

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    Xfire Protocol Discussion

    Here u can download my last build:


    Thanks for Feedback!
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    Quote Originally Posted by donkEE View Post

    i'm currently working on a xfire plugin for miranda.
    i'm using the xfirelib and it works great.
    talking with xfire contacts works, statusmsg etc. works too.
    now i'm programming the gameresolve stuff, to see(over xstatus) what game the xfire contact play.
    i'll upload this plugin in the next time.
    Wow, that's great news!
    What are your plans on features to support? I mean you probably can't add all the features Xfire has like InGame Chat (If one day Miranda could be used ingame that would make Xfire pretty useless :)) - but are you going to support file transfers in the end?

    Looking forward to the first release but take all the time that's necessary and don't rush :)

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    i planning following:

    -talking with xfirecontacts trough miranda
    -user defined status
    -if a xfirecontact play, show the game in the xstatus
    -get it stable

    if i have enough time, then:

    -add new xfire contacts
    -remove xfire contacts
    -maybe filetransfer

    i'm currently working on the plugin to get it stable, sometimes it crashed but i will fix this issues.

    here a screenshot:

    PS: this is my first miranda plugin :)
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    nice keep this going :) its great to see that someone finally made a real plugin :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by donkEE View Post
    -if a xfirecontact play, show the game in the xstatus
    Out of sheer curiosity, since I don't actually use XFire, would it also be possible to add a "connect to this" menu option?
    Quote Originally Posted by donkEE View Post
    -get it stable

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    @Targaff: it's possible. i'm using the original xfire_games.ini for the gameresolving.
    in this ini are also launch parameters for every game.

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    can i play the betatester for your plugin?

    pls :D

    i think its a great idea to code this plugin!!!


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    Very nice!
    Hope you get enought time, it just sucks that there is no xfire plugin untill now.

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    When can we participate in beta testing? Or should we expect ready-to-use :)?

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    I will upload it in the next time. I hope the addon section will work.

    The plugin currently support:

    -talking with xfire buddy (simply chat, no voip)
    -typing notification
    -see custom status
    -see playing buddy's game (gameico in contactlist, buddy status)
    with ip/port
    -copy ip/port to clipboard
    -show buddy's xfire profile
    -avatar support (experimentel)
    -custom folder(folder plugin) support
    -own userdefined nick
    -simple gamedetection (experimentel) (currently detects only 2 games xD)
    -miranda 0.8 comptabile
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