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Thread: IRC Protocol Discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrt View Post
    I don't know if it is already a known information but Freenode provides some scripts for others IRC clients for SASL authentication.

    Here we go.

    SASL Authentifacation allows cloaking on Freenode with "unaffiliated" user instead of displaying IP.

    I really don't know if there are valuable materials for Miranda Development but it is surely better to know than not.

    Is the SASL still not supported ? It's becoming a standard auth process.

    Pidgin have its in progress and will be available soon.

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    Is there any way to set Miranda IRC protocol to use ISON command for checking online buddies instead of USERHOST? I opened a technical support thread with the same question, more details there.

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    Is the "register nick" command implemented? It is grayed out for me.
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    And is there a way to reduce system message spam in channel scrollback?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayate Ranger View Post

    Is it possible to have an "unread line" to see all new messages since the window has lost focus?
    TABsrmm can do so. There is a setting somewhere in the options.

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    TABsrmm ..
    Message Sessions > Message Log > Default : 'Message Log Appearance' ... 6th from top
    and ...
    Message Sessions > Group Chats > Settings : 'Appearance of the message Log' ... 3rd from bottom ...
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    This plugin seems to have an issue I don't understand.
    I have two nicknames configured for esper.net servers, neither of which I really use.
    I have a login script that kill potential ghosts of me, change my nickname and identify it to NS.
    It works just well on initial connect, but all of a sudden, on reconnect the name is neither of which I have set in plugin preferences, but the one I really use. Thus connection fails with a popup asking me for a different name..

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    Sorry, I do not understand, what does it mean: "the name is neither of which I have set in plugin preferences, but the one I really use"

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    Ok, real data example:
    I have protocol set to use names "AnrDaemon1" and "AnrDaemon_" as login names.
    Plus I have a network perform script
    /msg NickServ GHOST AnrDaemon *****
    /nick AnrDaemon
    /msg NickServ IDENTIFY *****
    Works wonderful upon startup, but upon reconnect after a link drop, more often than not protocol raising a popup asking to change my name, with name "AnrDaemon" already typed in... Why?

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    Ah that... IRC server does not immediatly put you offline after connection is dropped. If you disconnected gracefully (sending proper commend to server) it does, but if you just cut the plug ... No. You have to wait for a few min for your nick to timeout. Freenode has a server command to force Nick replacement for this scenario, but Miranda does not use it. I was considering adding it but then connecting from multiple locations would be a hassle as instances will start to bump each other. I am not sure if other servers have the same command as well. Here is the story...
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