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Thread: cannot send to multiple users when they're offline (tabSRMM)

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    cannot send to multiple users when they're offline (tabSRMM)

    I am using Miranda together with tabSRMM. When I want to send a message to multiple users, I can choose them from a list tabSRMM offers me before sending. However, if a user is offline, he is not displayed on this list and therefore cannot be selected.

    But ICQ supports sending messages to offline users. I also tested this with a second account. Only when I want to do so for multiple users, it is not possible in Miranda. I switched off tabSRMM then, to see if I can send to multiple users without the plugin. But then I couldn't not any option at all to do this.

    Today I wanted to send a message to two of my buddies. One of them was online, the other one offline. And as he was offline, tabSRMM did not offer me to choose him from the list. So I couldn't send the message to both at once. Instead, I had to copy my message and send it as a single task to the user who was offline. I consider this to be a bug, as ICQ supports sending messages to offline users.

    Did I overlook something? Or is there a workaround for this? Otherwise it's really a bug.
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    Welcome to the boards :)

    Please refer to Nightwish's replies in tabSRMM support boards:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Izmi
    I've solved the problem my way.
    In the Options > Contact List > List I unchecked all statuses in 'Hide Offline' means to hide. Now in tabSRMM in multisend are listed also the offline users. I avoid to send to all of the group - always uncheck at least one when sending. It works and doesn't crash down. Maybe it's improved with 0.7.1 version of Miranda I'm using now.
    Thank you Tara! I was not able to find an answer to this issue myself. So I appreciate your help very much! Gonna try this workaround then.

    Miranda rocks! :-)

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    You're welcome, I hope that works for you :)

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