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Thread: Smiley pack

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    Smiley pack

    Iam searching for an Smileypack for MSN (wich is compatible to current MSN Version) and ICQ Plugin (Miranda 0.7.0 Prev9)
    Where can i get one and what for plugins do i need (where get it?)

    Ive tryed the "Addons" button on this page where i normaly download the plugins but this page doesnt work.

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    Please read the announcements. The addons page is currently down due to a HD crash.
    Service will be restored soon.

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    you must have missed the text on the screen that comes up when you clicked on Addons
    The server that hosts bugs.miranda-im.org, addons.miranda-im.org, help.miranda-im.org, and attache.mirnada-im.org is currently down due to a hard drive failure. We are currently working to restore service as soon as possible.

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