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Thread: Running Miranda from a USB drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanux128 View Post
    i too prefer running Miranda as a portable app but not necessarily from a USB drive. i just want the data to be inside Miranda's folder, is there a way to do this?
    Yes. Change the ProfileDir entry in your mirandaboot.ini file to:


    mirandaboot.ini should be in your root Miranda folder. If you don't have it there, you can get the default file from the .zip archive:


    Quote Originally Posted by lanux128 View Post
    btw, is this program Miranda IM Portable safe to use? i'm just concerned about future updates..
    You would need to ask its author about the updates. But if I were you, I'd simply use the regular Miranda release. If you are concerned about not leaving any traces in the registry, these posts should be of help:



    Seeing that Miranda IM Portable was last updated on 14th March and is still at 0.6.8 whereas the official version is already at 0.7.3 (the first 0.7.x release was out over a month ago) and contains security and critical fixes, I'd say the answer to the question is clear ...
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    thanks Tara! that was what i wanted. now i can just stick to regular Miranda versions.

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    You're welcome :)

    And just a little addendum: after changing the profile path in mirandaboot.ini, you will need to copy/move your database manually into the new place (i.e. the root Miranda folder). And, make sure that you have write access to Miranda folder.

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