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Thread: Running Miranda from a USB drive?

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    Running Miranda from a USB drive?

    I've been running Miranda for a few days at home and really enjoying the simplicity and lack of horrible popups.

    I've got a 512MB USB flash drive (this one, if anyone's wondering: http://sandisk.com/retail/cruzer-mini.asp). I use it to run Portable Firefox in defiance of corporate policy. :) I thought it might be fun to run Miranda off of it, as well. I installed it at home and had no problem getting it to work with my laptop and wifi.

    When I tried today at work, however, no luck. No amount of choosing Status > Online will convince it that I'm online, and all my AIM buddies are ghosted because I'm not connected. (It's not plausible that they all happen to be offline at once...some of them always leave it on.)

    Am I doing something wrong? Or do you think there's something about our corporate internet setup that's defeating me? (Obviously, I can't affect that.) I'd appreciate any tips, although I'll certainly understand if this strange thing I'm trying to do isn't a supported feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradamant
    Or do you think there's something about our corporate internet setup that's defeating me? (Obviously, I can't affect that.)
    does it work at home?

    try searching for USB in the forum

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    I tried installing it using the zip instead of the installer (as referenced in a previous thread) but that didn't make any difference.

    I was having no problems at home last night, although I think I'll try again tonight to make sure.

    Edit: I am now searching for "firewall" in this forum, which sounds a lot more like my problem. It sounds like there is a way to connect to the servers through HTTP? Perhaps that is the only thing allowed here. However, the posts I found only referenced doing this with ICQ and MSN, and I use AIM.
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    well, just to let you know, I run miranda from a 4gig usb drive. I currently have only one problem. when the drive is being used a lot sometimes it thinks a file is corrupt, but that only happens when plugged into USB1.0. this is what I have: http://www.iomagic.com/Products/show...ProdID=IUSB4HD .
    I would guess that your employers have a firewall set up. in the past I have had firewall problems with AIM. I set it to connect to a random port and it has worked fine since.

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    I'll check out the port thing tomorrow. Thanks.

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    If the corporate firewall is stealth enough to have a whitelist on ports (Most of the ports are blocked), you then have to try some common ports. Try to use telnet to connect to port 80, 21, 23, 110, 119, 123 and see if some of them can be connected, then use that port for ICQ and AIM.

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    I'm very very new to Miranda IM and I have the same corporate policy problem bradamant refers to. But what I actually want to know first is exactly how to install it to run from my 128 MB USB drive.

    A big concern is: will it run exclusively from the USB drive, without leaving any (traceable) data on the HD?

    And, if it's really possible, what are the procedures to make it work (installation from scratch and following steps)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Miranda should work fine from an USB drive without any special tweaking. The only thing you should do to preserve the lifespan of that drive is to replace the DB driver from the installer/zip with one of the virtual DB drivers that can be found here.

    As long as you don't change the path to the profile from Miranda's folder and you don't set any logs, received files or similar to be saved outside the Miranda folder, there shouldn't be any trace of it's usage on the HDD.

    You can use the Search to find other USB-related topics on the board, if you want.

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    Thanks, Drugwash.

    You mean, I change the default installation path (c:\program files) or unzip the archive content to the USB drive letter and I'm done?
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    Unzipping would offer you more control over what's going where. But using the installer with your USB path should work equally well. You pick.

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