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Thread: Jabber Protocol Discussion

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    It seems like Miranda's "Change details" dialogue can't save some details to the Jabber/XMPP vCard. Most importantly the e-mail address, but apparently also date of birth and some others. When setting these details with other clients (Pidgin, ...), Miranda will erase them upon opening the dialogue again, no matter how you close it. What's up with that?

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    I've got some crashes randomly, not really sure when it started but it's been a while.
    Crashlog say it's Jabber causing them so I thought I'll start here.

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    The last few weeks I have very often problems to connect (log in) to jabber.org with Miranda. Sometimes I have to restart Miranda (0.10.9) to get logged in.

    Does anybody know about issues with jabber.org?
    What is the best setup for jabber.org?


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    Are there any plans to support the 2 step GTalk authentication?

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    Jabber crash at wctomb_s_l

    Hi, the 0.10.x line consistently crashes for me.

    Full crashlog at: http://pastebin.com/i0gJPSbv

    The relevant part is:
    Miranda Crash Report from 2013-02-20 10:52:40+0100. Crash Dumper v.
    Likely cause of the crash plugin: Jabber Protocol
    Exception: Access Violation at address 75E3D93F. Reading from address 65707974.
    Stack Trace:
    75E3D93F (msvcrt 75E30000): (filename not available) (0): wctomb_s_l
    75E3D220 (msvcrt 75E30000): (filename not available) (0): vsnprintf_l
    75E3D1C0 (msvcrt 75E30000): (filename not available) (0): vsnprintf
    0040128F (miranda32 00400000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\src\core\memory.cpp (219): mir_vsnprintf
    04F7B28B (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_util.cpp (70): CJabberProto::Log
    04F57D2A (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_misc.cpp (489): CJabberProto::FormatMirVer
    04F57F2F (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_misc.cpp (541): CJabberProto::UpdateMirVer
    04F57CD5 (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_misc.cpp (477): CJabberProto::UpdateMirVer
    04F539C1 (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_list.cpp (323): CJabberProto::ListRemoveResource
    04F76B5A (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_thread.cpp (1795): CJabberProto::OnProcessPresence
    04F75064 (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_thread.cpp (976): CJabberProto::OnProcessProtocol
    04F73B89 (jabber 04F30000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\JabberG\jabber_thread.cpp (547): CJabberProto::ServerThread
    004016AB (miranda32 00400000): C:\Projects\Miranda\trunk\miranda\src\core\miranda.cpp (275): forkthreadex_r
    75E41287 (msvcrt 75E30000): (filename not available) (0): itow_s
    75E41328 (msvcrt 75E30000): (filename not available) (0): endthreadex
    758933AA (kernel32 75880000): (filename not available) (0): BaseThreadInitThunk
    77AD9EF2 (ntdll 77AA0000): (filename not available) (0): RtlInitializeExceptionChain
    77AD9EC5 (ntdll 77AA0000): (filename not available) (0): RtlInitializeExceptionChain
    Any ideas?

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    OK, I finally got the pattern. For me Jabber protocol crashes, when one particular user changes status (for example, from Online to N/A). The user is always the same and this pattern is 100% proper. Noticed it like hundred times.

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    It seems that the Jabber plugin is freezing for me - again. I encountered this bug a while ago, then for a while it didn't occour, but it came back with one of the last few updates. Basically, it looks like the client is doing nothing, until I try to enter a message in a Jabber session. My suspicion would be that some internal network thread gets stuck in a loop, and when Miranda tries to send out a typing notification, some other thread tries to lock the same critical section that's already locked by the other code and they result in a deadlock.
    If necessary, I can create a memory dump the next time this happens. Running Win7 x64 here.

    >	[email protected]()  + 0x15 bytes	
     	[email protected]()  + 0x15 bytes	
     	[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for jabber.dll]	
     	msvcrt.dll!__endthreadex()  - 0x35 bytes	
     	msvcrt.dll!__endthreadex()  + 0x6c bytes	
    So if you happen to have PDBs for jabber.dll, that would be great, I could probably take a look then... otherwise I guess I'll have to compile my own debug build.

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    does this work for facebook for anyone still?

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    Sometimes it works for logging in to chat.facebook.com on port 5222 using TLS, but it often fails to log in. When it fails, letting it retry many times is usually not helpful.

    Edit: Apparently, if the connection fails once it will keep failing and I need to restart Miranda IM to get a successful connection.

    Edit: Sometimes, messages sent to Facebook contacts silently fail to be delivered. That happens even though I appear to be connected, the contact appears online, and I am receiving messages from them.
    Last edited by dreamlayers; 1 Nov 2013 at 1:28 AM. Reason: Added more info about problem

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