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Thread: MSN Protocol Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by urbanriot View Post
    Gave that a shot and not only did I encounter a horrible, roundy, bubbly interface,
    It's just different choose of default clist plugin. Uncheck clist_modern.dll (eventually all clist_*.dll) in options/plugins and you'll have default IM look ;-) (Also disable Tabsrmm and Scriver to have default plugin for communication window).

    Quote Originally Posted by urbanriot View Post
    I also encountered the same exact issue we're experiencing over here with Miranda-IM.
    Sure. But in IM there are no developers left. No-one will fix it here. At NG is at least a chance to be fixed (when you make report and/or convince some dev to fix it) ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomaso View Post
    Stability however, is of a far greater concern..
    For me, Miranda NG froze up several times.
    I guess such problems are to be expected when old Miranda IM plugins are simply converted into Miranda NG plugins.

    Guess I'll give Miranda NG another try when v0.95.3 becomes stable.
    ..but I don't expect any miracles.
    You know what's really the problem? You. You and other users who just try it, see and say (to yourself): "Hmm, feature X doesn't work and it is crashing when Y. I'll give it a try after some time, but I don't expect any miracles."

    This helps NO ONE. And yes, you can't expect anything to be fixed, when you doesn't report it. We have around 170 plugins in repository! Developers can't check all of them by themselves. They don't even use most plugins by themselves. Some plugins are used only by few users so when something gets broken, it's much less chance to get report due to behavior like yours -> of course it won't be fixed. But obviously if it doesn't bother you that much to simply fill bug report on forum/tracker then why should it bother NG dev who isn't using that plugin at all?

    On opposite side and to prove my point, here you can see how great support users can get if they care enough... http://forum.miranda-ng.org/index.php?topic=3757

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