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Thread: HistoryStats discussion

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    HistoryStats discussion


    I have been using the Log Statistics -plugin and it's really interesting. However, there would be much more potential for this kind of a plugin. I would really like the plugin to be developed further, and maybe seeing the following things:

    - Ability to track the users' online time also, in addition to seeing how much and when have you been chatting with them.

    - Ability to see individually for each contact their most used words, currently you can see only the most common words for both you and the contact, and of course as total.

    - Ability to see the message count send/received (and of course the total) instead of just showing the percent values.

    Im sure there would be lots of interesting things to implement. It would be great to see them.

    edit: As the project has progressed, some quick links can be found here:

    http://addons.miranda-im.org/details...ewfile&id=2534 - download non-unicode dll

    http://addons.miranda-im.org/details...ewfile&id=2535 - download unicode dll

    http://miranda.dark-passage.de/ - project site, further information from developer
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    you probably need to contact the author as not all of the authors get time to read the forums

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    I think there's something similar just been released, but it needs mBot.

    The code is very difficult to modify
    bok(bok* tillbaka, char tecken)
    	num[0] = 0;
    	num[1] = 0;
    	teck = tecken;
    	next = 0;
    See what i mean? I've tried a bit. but what the hell is "bok", "teck", "adda", "kolla" or "tabort"? Might be dutch or something.

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    Those words are swedish. Here are the translations:

    "bok", "teck", "adda", "kolla" or "tabort"?

    bok = a book
    tecken = a character
    adda = to add
    kolla = to fetch etc.
    tabort = to take away sthing

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    I started writing a new plugin for history statistics. It is inspired by Log Statistics but the code is completely rewritten, using english names and is OO. The plugin is currently in a very early stage but usable. However, expect switches having no or at least strange effect.

    As it is in a very early stage, it isn't listed on Miranda's plugins page. I will post it there if it is stable enough. In the meantime, you can download it from my personal homepage: http://www.dark-passage.de/miranda/h...s-v0.0.0.1.zip Feedback is very welcome. (Edit: Link won't work anymore. Take a look at http://miranda.dark-passage.de/.)

    Currently my studies are eating most of my time, so please be patient.

    Note: Contacts with similar names are merged automatically. There is no switch to prevent this at the moment.
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    Looks great so far :)

    keep up the work

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    Very good indeed. I am really anxious to see this plugin ready :)

    btw, there is no tooltip when onmouseover at the bar thingy which shows the chatting amounts per hour

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    But the plugin can still dont write out the stats i think. Cuz donīt get it to work :(

    Haha i get it to work now. It lucks relly nice now. What more can you do so it luck nicer? Maybe only tha stats "pipelines" so it locks more nice. :D
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    Thanks SloMo! Sorry I didn't have yet time to post the crash logs but seems there is no need anymore :). The new version works great.

    In addition to my previous suggestion, to omit contacts which's history is less than x bytes, would you also add to your todo list an option to exclude words longer than a user defined lenght. You see, there are sometimes unnatural words that some use to tease others, like "youareanidiotyouareanidiotyouareanidiotyouareanid iotyouareanidiot", which surely is considered as a single word by the stats plugin. As a result, the most common words-thingy is stretched stupidly wide :/. I don't want to exclude the whole contact though.

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    *yawn* SloMo you definately work to hard :-)
    you won't tell me you've worked until 1:30 in the night for this bug? oh my godness :o)

    and yes everything works right :-) but one feature-request: could you enable support for meta-subcontacts in "exclude contacts"-tab ? they aren't listed anyway..
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